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Howdy dear colleagues)

My name is Nikolay and I'm making this VN. Please tell me what you think about that and we can take it from there.

I'm a newbie here so plz forgive me if I'm doing something wrong. No hard feelings, right? )

That's the trailer:


And that's some gameplay:


I would really appreciate any feedback provided, be it good or not. I'm not sure the videos are inserted probably as I didn't find the proper way to embed them.

Huge thanx for your attention.

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Hello Nikolay, and welcome to the forums! I watched the trailer and the gameplay video and still have hardly any idea what your VN is about. Do you have a description / synopsis of the plot? 

Personally, I like the art. It looks fresh and unique compared to most VNs I see these days. I think giving the sprites a few poses or animations would be a big improvement; right now they look a bit rigid, especially Pin. It's not that bad at first, but over the entire VN it can get boring seeing characters permanently standing in the same exact position. The music is passable, nothing special there but not offensive to the ears either. 

I'm not sure how far along in development you are, but overall it looks promising and seems like a very original setting. I'd probably give it a try if I knew more about the story to see if it appeals to me.

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Oh Zander I'm really sorry I missed the introductory part. But here it is:

On December 31, 999 AD, the Pope Sylvester II, an infamous blasphemer, who received his post by beating the Devil at dice, solemnly celebrated the last Mass. The bell rhythmically tolled the last moments of mankind before the Judgment Day. “Our Father in heaven, save and protect us, sinners, from the infernal gorges flames and the hellhounds that bared their fangs to tear our souls.” It didn’t help. The end of the world came right on schedule and showed no mercy.

Only a few fortunate managed to escape the cataclysm on a remote and unknown island. This community subsequently spawned the first Pastor, the hierarch under whose government the new state grew and flourished with time.

Eventually, new Pastors came, and with them changed the flock. Changed until the handmade paradise was stricken with the deafening thunderclap — a murder was committed. Then another one and another one… At that time arsons, cattle rustling and robberies began. Gradually, the darkness superseded the sunlight…

Lambs grew weary of being laid under a hatchet, so they cried and crawled to their Pastor, begging the Father to hurriedly deal with the flayers, restore order in the common house. Thus, the Devoters appeared, the hope and support of ordinary people, their defenders and protectors, making silver linings seen to the hearts tormented by injustices.

There is no cold fierce enough, no heat hot enough, no storm or hurricane deadly enough to stop the Devotees from fighting the wicked with seething zeal and ready swords. They live for the sake of their people. And for the sake of their people, they would die. This is their story, unveiled and unadorned, exactly as the Pastorate chroniclers told it over many generations.

What did you personally think of trailer? Quality-wise I mean. What do you think of the title too?

Poses of characters will be changed during the scenes. Maybe not in the same exact scene but in the next one - he will have a different pose. 

Also, if you like the premises described above I can provide the link to demo-build.

Thanx again for your time Zander and have a good one)



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Ok, guys - it's been a while since we last spoke. But there was a reason for that. 

Please take a look here:


If you feel like it, download our demo and give it a try. Any feedback is more than welcome)

I really want to know what you guys think about it. 'Cause the games are for the players obviously.

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