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Craziest Synopsis You Read for a Nukige

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11 minutes ago, SeniorBlitz said:

That's... actually quiet sad, poor grill ;_;

Oh god, you're still recovering from Planetarian and look what I have done!!!!

Here, lift your spirits with this fun thing! I can't start derailing again, what would happen with my reputation then??? From Moshimo Konna Shopping Mall ga Attara!? Ikimasu☆ (the star is important!)


There is a big shopping mall called "Moshu-Mall". It looks normal at first sight, but the mall is actually famous for its erotic services such as "Shoppers Ero Paradise", "Grand Oppai Square", "Tsurupeta Harenchi Garden", "Fetish Plaza", and "Viva! Hustle Park". Only some chosen people are allowed to go inside! Yes, Naoki is one of them. "Welcome to our ero shopping paradise!"


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6 hours ago, MaggieROBOT said:

Ah, it's good to be back on track for a change! :miyako:

And I'm surprised there's nothing by Dieselmine here yet. So let's change this! From Shokushu Byoutou 666:


That's a side effect of reading the Necronomicon that they never tell you about.

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I just realized that Dustmania Grotesque doesn't have a proper synopsis. 
Apologies to anyone seeing this on vndb for the first time


Also for a proper entry:

Seeeki! Bukkake Bokujou! ~Oshiru Ippai, Seirei-tachi o H ni Shiiku!~

Cum on down to the peaceful Bukkake Ranch, a good old farm out of the way from all the commotion and hubbub of the town, a place where you can relax and enjoy a quiet life with your four elementals: the salamander girl, Sara, the slime girl, Myil, the kobold, Korin, and the harpy, Papy. Life is good on the farm. That is, until the Demon Queen shows up your front lawn, demanding you create the legendary Slut’s Stone before she decides to wipe your farm off the map.

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