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Just finished Kara no shojo and i think i'm gonna wait until the third game either gets a date or is released before i move onto the second episode.

But now i'm thinking about reading umineko. I'm quite confused about the different versions. I heard mangagamer had a crap release for reasons i don't know, and then there is a fan release with ps3 sprites and voices.. But that's not all. There is also that ongoing umineko project, which seems to be at a standstill.

Which version is the best one? 

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Just to clarify: Mangagamer's version is NOT crap. What happened is: the game was previously fan translated while it was being released in Japanese. Due to that, many translation issues went through and were there until recently, when MG, together with the original translators, revised the whole script. The new version is the best translation now and is an effort that took some years.

Ryukishi's drawings are a big issue, as he - the creator of the series - likes (?) to make his own sprites, which in Higurashi and Umineko, mainly, were a huge turn down to many. Because of that, Mangagamer released for Higurashi a complete redrawn of all the sprites while the original game per se was intact. There was, however, the PS3 version, which was only released in Japan and will never come to the west because the company behind it is dead. Because of that, Mangagamer had to go with their own means, and while they redid Higurashi's sprites, they instead used the ones from the Pachinko version of Umineko. In essence, there is no huge difference, they only decided to use something already done (probably cheaper)

Fans created patches that bring the art and voices from this version to the new translation of MG, and while Higurashi only has a 1:1 transition, there is a project, the one you see it is stalled, that wants to recreate the entire PS3 version in English and Russian. Everything exactly as made to the console, except now with the most quality achievable.

That is demanding, as besides doing the transition of the art, they are going through the whole script and doing a "retranslation" of everything. Besides, there are some passwords things they do that the patch is available only for those who have both the original English release and an original japanese copy, so if you plan on only buying the steam version, you'll probably have issues with that.

But! There's always a but! There is another group who is doing the same as the Higurashi version, porting the PS3 version to the new translation from MG. This was done before by the same group who is doing the full transition, although it was lacking in some ways (compared to what they have now). You can say that this alternative patch is not as good as the full transition, but I'm currently on my second playthrough of Umineko and I can garantee that it is far well done and works fully with the new translation. And honestly, although ultra beautiful, the full PS3 experience is not worth the wait as Umineko is definitly focused on its storytelling, not on the looks.

All being said, what you should do is to buy the steam version and use the patch for PS3 voices and art.

Ps: Higurashi WAS bad translated as MG was in its first years, but they are currently rereleasing all the episodes plus some japanese exclusive ones with their new art AND translation.

Patch: https://github.com/07th-mod/umineko-question/releases

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Now, sorry for the double posting, but I do NOT recommend you to:

1 - wait for KnS3 as is will probably never come, as the company is still releasing Flowers and stated that will finish it before doing KnS3

2 - read Umineko as "something in between", as Umineko is very time and thought demanding to just read

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While I think you could try to read Umineko from Mangagamer with PS3 graphic, it's still incomplete in regard of Chiru because I did some checking at Github page and so far it's just the voice that was completed. So for time being I would say you better go with available prepatched Umineko with PS3 graphic and voice, although I'll just leave the decision to you though in regard of Umineko. Of course if you not interested with PS3 graphic and take a liking to Mangagamer sprite, then go ahead and buy Mangagamer version.

PS - For ongoing Umineko project, I would say that it's not worth the wait because it might took a long time for they to finished Chiru port and the biggest feature of Umineko PS3 version is the graphical improvement, which you could enjoy on the prepatched version anyway.

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