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Okay by some strange reason the fucking trash of my windows 10 clear all data from all users of my computer after a random bluescreen,
(Anything inside C:\Users), Isn't nothing good restart the computer and see a "Welcome, Preparing the Windows" screen.

And isn't a virus, just a strange bug of this shit, I lost 2 hacking projects, one under final testing ready to publish and 13 fucking games, including my saves.
(Thx steam cloud, i don't lost my "if my heart" saves now)

And this is the situation, I will ask some saves to anyone who have, I don't wanna a 100% save, only if you have like my original, plz upload to me.

Otome Domain:  Kazari route completed.
Chrono Clock: Misaki, Dorothy, Makoto, Michiru routes completed.
Princess Evangile: Ritsuko route completed.
Nier Automata: 2B First time line beated.
Wagama High Spec: Mihiro route completed.
Rewrite: Chihaya, Kotori Route completed.

Have more but isn't beated, I will need play again... (urgggg just cause 3)

I Today:

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