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What other hobbies do you have?

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I do a lot of dancing. I really enjoy dancing.

I'm also very much into cuddling and rope bondage. *laughs*

When I'm around friends, I usually have people who come and nearby, and I'm well known for gentle and loving touch.

And then I got into the rope scene because I had a girlfriend who wanted to be tied up, but she was nervous about playing with someone she didn't know. So we'd go to a lot of the rope workshops in our area together, and I met some of the other rope tops. It's been a pleasure learning to tie people up. It's very erotic, but kind of spiritual. It's sexy without being sexual. I get to touch a lot of pretty girls, and who doesn't like the pretty girls, so it's really fun.

Besides the game we're working on, I'm thinking of streaming some rope play with Ivy Fetish at some point.

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I don't have many hobbies. I'm a chronic shut in :michiru:

I'd like to change that if possible, but nothing comes to mind....

I'm a wrestling nerd (I'm not what they would call a Smark though).

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I love gaming (serious mmo addiction here), reading and listening to music (mostly metal).

Used to play bass but then I took an arrow to the knee college began monopolizing my time. Now I'm into cryptography and AI systems R&D (also college).

Edit: long ago, in ages past I was DM for a D&D party. That shit was fun af.

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Besides watching anime, browsing the internet and playing video-games I enjoy Lolita and Yami Kawaii fashion. I just bought my first dresses but still have to save up money to complete my cords and go out with them

I draw as a minor hobby, even if I still have a lot go to get satisfied with my art 

It's fun to watch videos of cats and otters (yes, otters) doing random things on YouTube

I love riding metros because in my hometown we kinda don't have them, so, whenever I am in Toronto I can have lots of silly fun riding the subways everywhere, yay :sacchan:

The quiet atmosphere and the shaky feeling they give is so cool :Chocola:

Trying random Japanese and Korean candies is so much fun too. I guess you could call that a hobby

I used to be a student in Veterinary Medicine and biology is my passion and I loved learning more about the living organisms.

But since I'm currently changing universities and courses to have a better life in Canada, that's kinda on-hold and I miss it a lot. It's not the same thing learning on the internet, I want to go into the labs again! (Hopefully, someday I will still graduate in Vet, this change is just a preparation for what is to come)

Have a random Japanese otter to brighten up your day


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I guess my main hobby is writing, though it's less of a hobby now that I'm trying to produce content with a goal instead of just noodling around. Reading and social media count as hobbies too, right? But I don't really have the energy for anything more strenuous. Chronic illness is a bit of an embuggerance. 

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