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Viridescent Dragon series [Kinetic] [Free] [Adventure] [Comedy]

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Hey everyone! I made a post here a while back about a Kinetic Visual Novel series I'm working on called Viridescent Dragon. A few days ago I released the third chapter of my visual novel on itch.io, gamejolt and indiedb. I used Ren'py and it's available on Windows, Mac, Linux and Android devices.

Official Website: http://viridescentdragon.weebly.com/


Here's the general story:

After waking up in a forest, meet Charlotte, the smack-talking, amnesic dragon girl who travels with her friends on a quest to regain her memories... Who is she and where did she really come from? The journey won't be easy, as she will have to conquer many obstacles and find out the hidden truths about the world she travels through, the friends she makes, the reigning monarchs, and the deities that are worshiped...








Thank you very much for checking out my game! Please be sure to leave feedback as I would love to hear from you! Also be sure to share with your friends! :D

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36 minutes ago, SeniorBlitz said:

You should add the hallowen special and chapter 3 to VNDB. I will take a look on your series when I have more free time.

Thanks a lot! :D And yeah, I should definitely do that.

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