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Error VNR kanojoxkanojoxkanojo

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Hi I want play kanojoxkanojoxkanojo but i have te following problem


every time there is a name or a new image that text appears , already try with the  H-code and although that text no longer appears, the previous text is not deleted and I can not play, if anyone have a solution I will be grateful


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Sounds like a configuration error.

In the VNR menu at the left side of the novel, enter Text Preference under the first option and print that window (it's one full of boxes with jp text). I think the problem is there, but it's hard to help without seeing it.

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On 11/11/2017 at 6:54 PM, perfectod said:

I don´t think thats the problem, but here the image

Okay, let's try this. Check the first option in that window, click the blue save button and then advance the text in the novel a bit. In the moment some box with EXACTLY THE SAME TEXT AS THE NOVEL appears, click in the "dialog" option above it (it'll then turn blue), save again and go back to the novel. Then you're good to go!

If no such box ever appear, try using chiitrans (never used it myself, but it's a alternative).

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