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Cherry Kiss Games have the rights to Wild Romance and will release the 18+ version

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Hopefully that means they are doing it all from scratch. I compared the ENG butchered version to the JP original back when the TL came out, and it was horrible. At least 10% of the normal scenes and dialogue in the game, (as in NON H parts,) were missing. Like, they were actually just gone. The TL itself was also awkward at best, and straight up wrong at several points. Overall the localization for that game is the worst I have seen to this date. 

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Well, that was fast.


Hi Nandemonai,

You are correct, in the original Steam release there was missing dialogue. When we started this project we translated the original Japanese script so *ALL* lines of dialogue have been translated (and boy there were a lot) so rest assured our release of Wild Romance will be a complete English version of the original Japanese VN. 


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On 4.11.2017 at 9:02 PM, Erogamer said:

If this is a Steam release, it will be interesting to see how they deal with the 18+ patch and directing customers to it. Steam no longer allows links or discussion of this.

I honestly don't think there is any point in even making a steam version. The game is literally 80% porn. It is an actual nukige, after all.

For instance, every ending in the game is an H-scene. (Not like, an H-scene also occurs in the ending; each ending IS an H-scene.)

EDIT: Though, from reading their blog, it does indeed look like this is going to be a steam release with a patch. But, based on their phrasing, it seems like they might also release a standalone 18+ version. We'll know more about the specifics surrounding the release soon, according to their twitter.

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Wild Romance: Mofu Mofu Edition Steam page is up:


Cherry Kiss Games has acquired the Steam rights to Wild Romance and as our first new product we are excited to bring you Wild Romance: Mofu Mofu Edition, an updated and expanded version of the game. New features include changing screen resolution to 16:9, adding sprite animations and overhauling the UI. The game also includes some additional never before seen in English content. We listened to your comments in the Wild Romance forum and we hope you'll be pleased with what we've prepared.


Please note: When you download Wild Romance: Mofu Mofu Edition from Steam it does not include explicit adult content.

For more information about the game please check out our website or follow us on Twitter.

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I have glanced over some of the TL and, well, I don't hate it. It's quite literal at times, though they do try to localize most of the Japanese terms and such in the game. (There is actually quite a lot of that in this VN, with it being centered around youkai, Japanese deities and such .) They also clearly had a translator or editor who wasn't afraid of going liberal when it was needed, as several jokes gets completely localized. If only they kept that up through the entire script, this could have been a great translation. Still, it's definitely not bad.
They handled Nazuna's lines pretty well. Her speech pattern is super weird in the RAW, and localizing it properly is quite difficult tbh. But they did a good job of reflecting her personality in all her lines.

During one scene, Sumire and Nazuna are supposed to learn some English, and read out a terrible engrish line from a textbook. Here they actually changed that into Japanese instead, making it seem like they are silly weebs practicing elementary Japanese. I actually thought that was quite clever. It definitely works, as even if you don't speak any Japanese at all, it's obvious what's going on, and I think you'd still find it funny. (So, it's nothing like the monstrosity that is DD from Chrono Clock.)

Overall I'd say the TL is decent for their first title. If they cut down on some of the overly literal TLs, there is definitely potential there.
On the technical side:
The game runs very smoothly on my tablet, and the HD assets are really nice. They also added in a few new quality of life features, like being able to backtrack through lines with a simple click. The android version doesn't have a gallery button at the moment, but this will be added soon in an update. So, they definitely did good job on the technical stuff.

The company seems very open to feedback, which is nice. I asked if it would be possible to add an option to scale the CGs back to the normal resolution. (They are cropped a little bit, because of the HD upscale.) They seem willing to do so, and said they'd look into it.

All the content is intact as well, so yeah, definitely worth buying. (If you can stomach some literal translations.)

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