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English translated VNs with certain character types (Tomboys and heroines like Rin, Hanako and Lilly from Katawa Shoujo)

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Hi, this is a bit of a stupid question, but I was specifically looking for characters like Rin, Hanako and Lilly from Katawa Shoujo.

I haven't read many VNs due to laziness and life in general, but it's not a new thing to me. I finally bit the bullet and read KS and I was really intrigued about some character archetypes.

I unfortunately cannot read much Japanese so it would have to be a visual novel in English, preferrably for the PC.

For those who have not read Katawa Shoujo or don't remember, let me explain what I'm looking for exactly.

Basically, Rin is a Cloudcuckoolander - very strange, a bit aloof, sometimes blunt.

Hanako is a Shrinking Violet - shy, afraid of people, doesn't have many friends, etc.

Lilly is a bit of a Yamato Nadeshiko - motherly figure, kind, loyal, polite, lady-like.

I also like tomboyish heroines so please tell me about them. They could be tsundere or not.


I'm aware of Nekoko and Aeka from Yume Miru Kusuri. I read some parts of YMK years ago, however, the H-scenes felt slightly unrealistic (and annoying) to me at the time. I am willing to try it out again.


Doesn't matter if there is adult content, length is irrelevant. Comedy/action scenes are fine, and I wouldn't mind otome games or even boy's love/yuri with similar characters.


Thank you :)

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Xefros (My profile pic) from Hiveswap fits the "Shy" category, even though it's not from a VN, it's from a very Story-oriented and Dorky game xoP

Tae-san from DRAMAtical Murder is pretty much the protagonist mother figure (even though she's not dateable in anyway and just an important Support Character and Also 'cause it's a BL game xoD).

Clear from the game mentioned above fit the "Very Strange" category in a way...

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As for the recommendation, I think all of those four below could fit although you might already hear about those though.

  • Deardrops - Rimu as the strange one and Kanade as the motherly one - and for the shy one Kanade's could qualify as well because she was felt too shy to sang while she herself had a good talent for that, at least in the beginning. As for the tomboy, I think Riho could be the one that you see as the tomboy, although in her case it's more like she's independent.
  • Chrono Clock - Michiru was the motherly and loyal one - extreme brocon tendency aside, Miu was the shy one, and Makoto as the tomboy one (No strange heroine though). Misaki herself was a tsundere if you interested with that as well.
  • Yoake - Mia as the shy one, Wreath as the strange one - at first, and Sayaka as the motherly one. And if you want more tsundere here, then there's Esteel in which she was have a prejudice against Tatsuya (The MC) before finally warming up.
  • Grisaia no Kajitsu - Sachi as the strange one, Makina as the shy one at first, Amane as the motherly one, and Michiru as the tsundere one. No tomboy heroine though iirc.

That's all for my recommendations here, and hope it could be helpful to the OP there.


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Weirdo - Morishita Michiru from Koi to Senkyo to Chocolate.

Tomboy - Sawatari Aoi from Period, though she isn't that interesting (in my opinion, Rin from the same novel outclasses her).

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Looks like you're probably better off reading only these characters' routes and leaving the rest apart.

For example, I don't think you'll want to read all Period's ¡8! routes, but if you end up liking the game... hey, that's great. The same with Koichoco.

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