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Jagaaaaaan 25 to 29

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Hello, is there anyone that could translate these chapters of Jagaaaaaan? I'm loving this manga but noone is trasnlating it, so i would be very thankful if anyone here could do it.

These are the links to the chapters:

25: http://lhscans.com/read-jagaaaaaan-raw-chapter-25.html

26: http://lhscans.com/read-jagaaaaaan-raw-chapter-26.html

27: http://lhscans.com/read-jagaaaaaan-raw-chapter-27.html

28: http://lhscans.com/read-jagaaaaaan-raw-chapter-28.html

29: http://lhscans.com/read-jagaaaaaan-raw-chapter-29.html


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Longer answer: You will virtually never get someone to translate something just because you asked. Amateur fan translation is done by people who are usually passionate about the work themselves since it's a process that actually takes a lot of time and almost never receives any meaningful acknowledgement.

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