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Jake's Love Story (Now on Steam and Itch.io!)

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http://store.steampowered.com/app/69908 ... ove_Story/



Meet the cheerful yet clumsy Emma, cold and distant Alice, and friendly Mike!
Together enjoy the school life, comedy scenes and a touch of romance in this Visual Novel!

This is a story about group of friends in their high-school years.
In this short interactive tale for everyone, assume role of Jake, a totally average student.

Do assignments, laugh at funny situations, help Jake’s friends… or not? 
The decision is up to you!

Your choices will shape the story from the very beginning, resulting in several different, branching endings. Will you manage to get all of them?
(It is recommended to play the game at least twice, choosing totally different dialogue options)

Will one of the girls agree to go with Jake to prom? Or maybe both of them? Will the group manage to stay friends? Who knows.
How Jake’s story will end?

Game features:

  • Parody of anime cliches!
  • Around 20 decision points during one game! See how they impact the story!
  • 9 different story endings!
  • Beautifully drawn, partially animated backgrounds!
  • Calm and relaxing music (except for more dynamic events)
  • Over 20 000 words through entire game with alternative scenes
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The game has been just updated to version 1.1, which has:

- corrected English by native speaker

- new scenes and rewritten old ones

- partially animated backgrounds

- Mac and Linux support

- Polish translation

- and more!

Plus, there's special promotion 50% off un til April 2nd, 2018!

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On 26.03.2018 at 7:31 PM, Plk_Lesiak said:

Hej, całkiem uroczo wyglądająca gra. Za 5 zł chyba się skuszę. :)


Looks cute, will give it a try at some point. :)

Dzięki, wysłałem Ci klucz przez Curator Connect na Steam!


Thanks, I've send you key through Curator Connect on Steam!

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