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Kamisama (Kari) Gakuen Souran Hen

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After seeing finding out about Kamisama (Kari) on here, I decided to make it my first attempt in creating an English Patch.

Since I'm fairly new in this patch making and translating business, I'll be needing a dedicated team that at least knows the basics of game translation.

As the title says, we will be translating the "Gakuen Souran Hen" game first, and depending on how well this project progresses, we may translate "Rojiura Ryoyan Hen" as well.

Currently, as far as how much has been translated goes, the game has been translated up to the point where Azumi, our protagonist, has to choose between being a human student or a human teacher.

If anyone with a little more experience would like to run this project with me it would be appreciated!

At the moment, I am looking for Hackers, Translators and Translation Checkers(at least 4, there's six endings all together after all).

If you are interested please either comment below or send me a PM.

I hope that we will be working together soon!

The official project thread is located here:

Kamisama (Kari) Gakuen Souran Hen

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