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General VN Issues FAQ

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General VN FAQ

Changing your system to Japanese Locale will fix most of the problems with fan patches in Japanese games.


My Visual Novel Doesn't Work on Windows 10!


Windows 10 may be incompatible with some Visual Novels, but many of these incompatibilities have workarounds or simple solutions.

Please consult the Windows 10 Compatibility Community Project @sanahtlig hosts and see if your problem VN is listed and has a solution to your problem.


Voices are mute in all VNs!


If you have set windows to use 5.1 speaker setup it will try to play voices through the center speaker but if you actually don't have such a speaker you wont hear a thing.


Windows Keeps Lowering my Volume!


Navigate to:
Control Panel -> Hardware and Sound -> Sound -> Audio properties -> Communications tab

Select Do Nothing from the dropdown box. Apply & OK.


Can I revert my translated VN back to Japanese?


A lot of translation patches may overwrite the original files. In some cases it may be possible to uninstall the patch if you backup the original files or if the patch includes a patcher that lets you uninstall or creates a patch uninstall shortcut.


Trying to play an old VN, having Direct Draw issue.


Download DD Hack and extract to the directory where the .exe is for the game. This Direct Draw hack is known to fix old direct draw issues.


Black Screen playing VN, might be an issue if you have two firewalls.


There is a rare bug where, if you run two firewalls (bullguard for example), games can black screen and not run. Turning off second firewall has been known to help.


Could not load a specific file.


Make sure there's no files in read-only mode.

If nothing works try downloading and reinstalling both the patch and the Visual Novel.

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