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Error in Dangan Ronpa Class Trial

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Okay, so I am on the Chapter 1 Class Trial. I am in Phase 7 of it, in the Non-Stop debate. I am trying to find a contradiction about the gilded swprd striking first, and Hagakure is the one who makes the contradiction. However, when I strike with my ammo, Hagakure says I'm wrong? Has anyone else dealt with this? Or, how to solve it? Until then, I'm stuck.

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I'm unfamiliar with this error and is actually the first time I read that there was a problem during a Class Trial :blink:/>/>/>/> , so I can't help you with this. I assume you're playing on the PC using a PSP-emulator? However, since you're still in chapter 1, I would reccomend that you start over and use the following instructions to play the game. In my opinion, this PPSSPP version has the least glitches with Dangan Ronpa and allows you the play the game with almost no problems. You might be lucky and be able to use your save file on this version of PPSSPP, which then might solve your problem.

Instructions to some problems with Dangan Ronpa:

Investigation Problem

1) Go to http://www.ppsspp.org/downloads.html

2) Download PPSSPP version: v0.8.1-642-g8f84907

3) Open your PPSSPP.ini file (You might have to start up PPSSPP once first)

4) Look up the following in the PPSSPP.ini file and change:

- FramebuffersToMem = "False" to "True"

- FramebuffersCPUConvert = "False" to "True"

- Save the changes and restart the PPSSPP

- Start the game

Solves: the "not being being able to investigate the environment".

Problem to Chapter 6

No problem. Yeah, sometimes the test isn't showing properly but that can be fixed by just opening your map and closing it again. I forgot to mention this:

When you're in Chapter 6, before entering the Data Processing Room you have to change something in your PPSSPP.ini file again otherwise the emulator will crash. You have to do the following:

- Open your PPSSPP.ini file

- Search: HardWareTransform = True

- Change HardWareTransfrom = "True" into HardwareTransfrom = "False"

- Save and restart

When you're done with the Data Processing Room (The game will confirm it for you), you can revert it back again or leave it like that. Although, I would reccomend reverting it because otherwise the game might slow down when you are walking around in the Hallways.

Perhaps one of the site moderators can add the above information at Dangan Ronpa's TroubleShooting section. Using the pre-packaged Psp-emulator doesn't work too well and downloading the most recent PPSSPP emulator also has some unsolvable problems. Using one of the older PPSSPP version, as mentioned above, seems to be one of the most convenient version to play Dangan Ronpa.

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I have another problem and I am completly lost... (I don't know if im in the wrong place but the bug happend in dangan Ronpa 2)

In the first trial, when Mahiru replies, the loading screen just after never end. Im not so good with emulator so I couldn't find FrameBufferToMem. I play in 1.6 but I also tried on 0.8. If you need more infos, just replie and I will do my best.

Edited by Petit Brie

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