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Cross Channel question (SPOILl)


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I am actually reading Cross Channel, and right now, I am in the Touko route (my first). But there is something I don't understand:

At some point of the route, the short haired girl comes out of nowhere, saying that she founds a dead body out of the city, and suspect someone. Later she fires to MC, but Touko get in the way.

After that, I am back in the prologue ("the oujou sama behind the window" thing) and then MC is dressed like a girl, with a black haired girl (at first I thought it was youko, but she wears weird clothes and her name is "???", it confuses me) and h scene follows.

Did my game bug? Is all of this part of Touko route?  Touko is my first route, maybe I should have not started with her.

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Ok, I stopped CC some months ago, I started a new game tonight because there is some importants things here and there I might have fogotten. 

Here comes the questions:

At the "campout end" (very beginning) who are all the charaters there? Is it an important event? Does it happen before or after the weeks of the story? (I ask this because no one gives a fuck about the loneliness of Touko in the actual story even though they went camping together) and does this happen before or after the "oujou sama behind the window thing? MC was fooling around with Touko but it seems he said something important "wasn't it a good thing you came along?", will this sentence be explained later? 

I am not asking spoil, I just want to play CC one more time and understand everything without being confused like the last time.

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