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Tales From Windy Meadow [Fantasy/Slice of life/Pixel Art] (finished - on Steam!)

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(Updated on 21st day of December, 2018.)

Tales From Windy Meadow is now available on Steam!

A slice-of-life interactive story about choosing your path and living in a community. Help three protagonists make the most important choices of their lives. A unique fantasy Visual Novel blending coziness and melancholy.

A small village known as Windy Meadow may not be rich or famous, yet it offers something even more valuable: harmony. Gorgeous views, serenity of the forest, gentle rivers and fertile land... Even beasts and dragons seem to usually keep their distance.

Nevertheless, not everyone can find peace here. The time has come for three young people to decide what are they going to do with their future. And it’s happening much sooner than they would wish for.

Will Vena, the best huntress in the village, stay with her family? Is it better to take the lucrative job offered by distant merchant guild?

Fabel wants to become a famous bard, but his rough past complicates so many things. Should he follow his dream, or is it finally time to wake up?

And is Iudicia, the local outsider and talented herbalist, going to marry a man she doesn’t love? Is spending her future alone and lonely the only alternative?

You can find more details about our protagonists on our website!


  • Three intertwined stories. For 2,5 hours you get to play as three protagonists with their own problems to solve. Each route offers different moods, topics and perspectives and all of them share the dramatic, final chapter.
  • A multitude of side characters. Their varying personalities and complex relationships make this community feel alive and relatable.
  • An immersive, detailed village. You get to visit multiple buildings and outdoors and see how they change over the course of the game. The carefully thought-out fantasy setting reflects through both the dialogues and visuals.
  • Choices matter. Choice-shaped endings significantly shift the game's atmosphere, while even smaller decisions influence dialogues, events and how your protagonists are perceived by other characters. 
  • Heart-warming scenes. A unique mix of coziness and melancholy supported by colorful pixel art and emotional music.
  • Animated visuals. Unlike most Visual Novels, Tales From Windy Meadow replaces the majority of narration with animated character sprites. More than 99% of the in-game text represents dialogues.


Buy the game on

Steam | Itch.io | Kartridge





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Well hello there! We made a huge progress lately and I would love to share with you newest concept arts from Tales From Windy Meadow, our incoming Visual Novel.

A) One of the in-game areas, a part of the village's domesticated forest. The wilderness in our fantasy setting is a hostile space filled with threats. Because of this, even basic mushroom hunting or looking for herbs is too dangerous for anyone to make a living out of it. In result, every village tries to control a part of the forest, taking care of its plants, keeping beasts away and trying to live in symbiosis.


B) Meet Calor, our friendly village blacksmith. He doesn't like his job much, but he's good at it. Really good, actually. Because of his talent people from other villages can buy new tools from him without making a trip to the city, what makes Windy Meadow a fairly popular place.
However, we can't decide which beard do we like the most... Which one is your favorite?


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1) The majority of our spectators, especially from Poland, asked us to keep Calor with the longest beard possible. Just remember that we have to stay reasonable - from time to time a blacksmith has to get pretty close to fire.


2) This week we wanted to introduce you Argentia. This travelling merchant doesn't live in Windy Meadow, yet she's the most trusted trader who keeps returning to our village from Berytus city. She's a young, but already respected member of the merchant guild, who puts trust in her wit and insight. And, of course - her crossbow as well.


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Happy #screenshotsaturday!

We visually updated the main heroes of Tales From Windy Meadow. Do you also think we made a right step? : )

In the following weeks we're going to introduce you these characters and share some new information about their personality and background. You can also find some additional info in our recent IndieDB devlog.


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Well hello there!
Tales From Windy Meadow just landed on our website! (We’re going to change the logo, though. ; )) 

It’s also a great opportunity to share with you the description of one of our three protagonists - Vena, the huntress. What do you think about her?

If you have any questions, feel free to ask! : )


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Another #screenshotsaturday, another time for a major update!

Through November we described three protagonists - Vena, Fabel and Iudicia - who are staring in Tales From Windy Meadow, our #pixelart fantasy Visual Novel. Now, with our new logo and some spelling fixes it's a good moment to group all the descriptions together. We edited the original post so you can easily find all the important information!

Starting next week, we're going to focus a little bit more on the Windy Meadow itself - the area designs and the mood we're looking for. You can expect a new YouTube upload as well. The programming of the game had to be postponed, but we still hope to share with you the game's gameplay in December. : )


We hope you're going to have a fantastic weekend!

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It took us two months but we almost finished the Windy Meadow’s map. Our goal is to turn it into a useful tool for you to - while playing our Visual Novel, you can always turn on the map to see where specifically you are, what is going to be especially useful for those of you who can’t spend much time during a single session of reading.

See full resolution here!



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Happy ScreenShotSaturday! While we’re preparing something special for the holidays, let’s take a look at some side characters appearing in Tales From Windy Meadow. Both of these ladies belong to the village watch - we teased the third member of their crew last week. 

The warrior on the left is an experienced soldier sent to Windy Meadow from the city. The blade of her halberd is heavy enough to cut through most of the beasts living in the nearby forests, while her armor is a classic gambeson - a long, padded jacket made of dyed linen. It’s a decent defensive suit that can be worn for a long time without getting too uncomfortable. Her service here isn’t a highlight of her career - many people consider this sort of duty to be obnoxiously boring and dangerous.  


Also - do you remember one of our protagonists, Iudicia? Here you can see her younger sister, Firma, in her favorite red shirt. Since she comes from a poor family, she can’t afford advanced military equipment. Her strength and determination convinced the mayor to give her this job, she’s more of a self-learned peasant than an actual warrior. Nobody questions her role in defending the village during the last assault of trolls, but she’s well aware that she’s sometimes mocked by kids for her clumsy moves.

She doesn’t care, though. She knows that she started in a bad spot, but she does her best to move forward. At least she didn’t have to become a vagabond, nor a bandit. Hopefully, a bit of a smile will help her get through this time.

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Living in the Empire can be rough, and if you’re not a well-off person, it can be a real struggle. Especially if you live in a small village such as Windy Meadow.

However, it led people to develop great skills utilizing secondhand tools, weapons, trinkets and even ruins. In this #ScreenShotSaturday we wanted to highlight one of the examples of this process - the house of Limos, the local fisherman.

Before the first houses were raised in this area, the only construction you could find here was the lonely military tower. It was meant to provide refuge for boats and travelers that tried to make use of the nearby rivers. When the roads became known for the safe roads, a new tavern was built. After it the first settlers came, finally one of them was able to develop a farm. Windy Meadow was slowly becoming a reality.

When the upper parts of this military tower were demolished during a dragon’s attack, the people living nearby had to decide if they will stay or move away. Since they couldn’t afford to recreate the tower, they decided to raise the palisade and spread their defenses instead.

Nevertheless, Limos, who was in his twenties, couldn’t add his own share to this investment and in result couldn’t be a part of the protected village areas. And since the ruins of the tower were right next to the rivers, he decided to stay in them for some time. Save enough coins selling fish and move inside the village walls after some time.

But after years of postponing this plan Limos admitted he has no interest in moving out any time soon. Even though his place is quite small and he had to pay some workers to make a simple outbuilding, it’s a perfect spot to enjoy some privacy and take care of smelly fishing business without complaints from the neighbors. And every year without a massive monster attack makes Limos hope that this just-for-some-time-house will bring him cheerful memories until the end of his days.


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We are in an awkward spot where we have many parts of the project being a work in progress. Because of this, for this ScreenShotSaturday we've made a mix of our graphics, showing a scene that is not related to the game's story itself. WIP goblins, WIP boar and WIP wilderness background, just to tease your fantasy appetite. ; )goblinsSSS.png

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