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Info on Muramasa? (Possible Spoilers)

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I'll get to the point;

I'm looking for information on the game Full Metal Daemon Muramasa, particularly details on the character Sansei Muramasa herself. I came here because a user named "Tay" left this post some years ago. Unfortunately, the link provided is broken. I've tried as many other avenues as I can and either anyone who's played the game isn't active on their sites/blogs/etc, or insist on being extremely tight-lipped about it.

While it sounds like a simple matter of playing the game myself. Well, I can't, because I don't speak a word of Japanese and literally every person who planned to translate either gave up, or in Gareblog's cases, decided to trash all their work. I really need someone to help me out here because I'm doing a rping/fanfiction project involving Muramasa and don't have sufficient information on her character to write her properly.

If you don't wish to divulge any info here, you can just pm me.

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having actually read what you're asking for - a chapter summary won't get you the insight for Muramasa's character

I had a look on the broken link at the archive, which points you to chapter 1 (SPOILER ALERT)

I don't think all the chapters are done though, and that chapter 1 probably have the least amount of interaction with Muramasa out of them all lol

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