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Chemically Bonded [BxG. Romance/Drama]


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"Between two girls hearts lies a rift. One of misunderstanding, conflicting views and deceit. Each having a dream far too different from that of the other, but somehow keeping themselves ever so similar.
Struggling to keep up with your own responsibilities, you stopped being a dreamer long ago. By chance, the lives of these two girls engrosses your world as you unwittingly form new bonds with them whilst trying to mend the broken ones they once held so dear. Maybe then, their dreams can come to fruition as you learn more about them and what matters the most to you."

'Chemically Bonded' is scheduled to be a multi-ending visual novel set in modern day Japan, with mild ecchi scenes spliced into what'll hopefully turn out to be a serious and impacting story. A recurring theme throughout the story is science, although it is purely a romantic story in a realistic environment. 




CV: Nikki Marie Beyer

As an aspiring scientist, Kiyoko prides herself on her ability to control her emotions through the use of logic. At least, that's what she believes. Despite having an overly emotive personality, she's often mistaken for the quiet type despite having a lot to say. Her inquisitive nature usually leads to chaos, as despite enjoying an experiment or two she has no concern for health and safety procedures.

Kiyoko is the founder and currently sole member of the "science club" and tends to keep to herself, being known around the school for her outstanding intellect.





CV: Amber Barile

Naomi is a girl with plenty of passion, most of which she puts into her attitude. She isn't afraid of conversation, however despite her
forwardness in one on one situations her social circle is quite limited. She is the captain of the athletics team when she isn't having her say over every sporting club in the school. She'd be considered a tomboy by most outsiders, but those who know her well are privy to her innermost girlish quirks.







The following are responsible for what is currently shown in this thread:

Jun Project (pixiv.me/jun_project) - Character artwork
mB0sco (artstation.com/artist/mb0sco) - Background art

Amber Barile (https://twitter.com/Hikari_VA) - Naomi Sato VA.

Nikki Marie (https://twitter.com/Nikiki_Chi) - Kiyoko Ishikawa VA.

I hope to be able to expand the staff on the project, as it develops after the Kickstarter is launched.


The VN will be released commercially with an aspect ratio of 1920 x 1080 for Windows, MacOS and Linux. Planned features include an interactive phone mechanic and encyclopedia for useful bits of information.

I plan on launching a Kickstarter around throughout September to help fund the project. Since I have previously developed two VNs prior to this, I hope to be able to improve with the benefit of crowdfunding. Our campaign was successful!


Character Artwork - 50%

Background Artwork - 90%

Writing & Programming - 35%

User Interface - 100%

The figures above are rough estimates.

I'll also be releasing information about the project via Twitter @dssansVN. I'd love to hear peoples thoughts on the project.

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Updated the progress section to reflect current progress.

Most work over the past two weeks has been dedicated to getting the Kickstarter campaign sorted, which will be launched on September 6th at 10PM EST. Hopefully with enough support we should be able to meet our goal.

I've also been able to provide early samples of the voice actresses lines which will be used in the promotional video. These can be heard below.


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  • 3 weeks later...

Chemically Bonded is now on Kickstarter (it has been for the past 1/2 a month)

In terms of progress, we've demonstrated our vocal talent and CGs on the Kickstarter page, and more has been done to finalise the drafts for the script in order for work to begin through the end of September and October.

All support towards the campaign is appreciated, please check out our trailer below demonstrating our new assets and VAs.



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After successfully procuring funds to develop Chemically Bonded, we have made significant progress with development since the last update! Those who are aware of the project know we are posting frequent updates through other means, however here's a brief summary of what we've been up to since the last update!

Our character artist has been at work on the CGs for the project alongside further character additions for the game (which will be revealed in the near future) similarly, our BG artist has worked on new backgrounds for the various scenes within the VN. Below are some examples for you to enjoy!




In addition to these developments, we've also progressed further with the final script! The entire story is broken into three separate acts and currently we're about half way finalised with Act 1 and further ahead with draft documents. Our estimated word count is around 100,000 for the final game.

We've also worked mildly on some coding, the user interface is 100% complete however we've added custom features such as unique transitions and milder details that we hope you'll enjoy when reading the VN.

Thank you for reading!
For further updates on the project, we have a Twitter page where smaller but frequent developments are posted. https://twitter.com/dssansVN

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9 hours ago, Plk_Lesiak said:

Oh, I didn't remember this actually got funded, congratulations (maybe super-late, but still)!

What you're showing so far looks great and I quite enyojed Sounds of Her Love, so I'll be looking forward to this one. :)

Thank you!

I'm glad you enjoyed Sounds of Her Love! Since Chemically Bonded is a commercial title, we hope to outdo our previous title by a considerable margin.

Chemically Bonded is set to have triple the word count and CGs that SOHL had, and we have a talented set of staff on board too. :)

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  • 3 months later...

The past few months we've further worked on the game, however various setbacks have stalled certain aspects of development. These issues have been addressed for the most part, and we look forward to showcasing more of the game as it reaches further towards completion.

In the meantime, we'd like to show more of what to expect when playing the game itself. This is really more of a post showcasing what's been done in the past couple of months in more detail, with a lot of samples having been minimally demonstrated on our Twitter page.

One of our main goals with the project is to include more unique elements and traditional, but not so common features found in visual novels. Firstly, we had worked on a protagonist naming system a while ago. Rather than sticking with a generic input box, we had decided to spice things up slightly by incorporating it into the story, as to not separate the reader from the events within Chemically Bonded.

This has been done through the use of a 'chalkboard', where you write your name in front of an (empty) classroom.



(Calling your character 'Chemicals' won't make Kiyoko love you more, by the way.)

Of course, a player-named protagonist isn't anything unique to Chemically Bonded, however we're mildly content with the implementation of it. (If you look closely, or click the image above, you'd notice it actually stays on the board throughout that scene? Neat, huh?)

Another feature that we're currently working on, is an in-game 'phone system' used to make choices as opposed to traditional style choices in VNs. (However, these will still be included throughout the VN.) The graphics for these is complete, however the feature itself is being worked on. The phone system will also be used as a semi-pause menu, where the reader than interact with the phone with basic functionality.


Artwork wise, most of our CGs are still being worked on however the majority of backgrounds are complete. Here are a few samples:





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5 minutes ago, Plk_Lesiak said:

I really love these small touches. :) Do you have any ideas on the release date yet (like which quarter of 2018 you're aiming at)?

We're aiming to release the project at some point in Q3, as early as possible. However, we have had delays which might push it later into that quarter, but hopefully we'll be finished and have the game released by the end of this summer.

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  • 8 months later...

A lot more progress has been made in the last several months since our last update! The game is now drawing closer to completion, with 95% of the artwork finished, alongside most of the music and writing, and we're finally working towards coding and testing the game ready for a release next year. Here's a few samples of our OST below:

More progress has also been made on the artwork, the CG examples below are now finished, we're keeping them until the game releases but the WIPs still look good!


We've also worked with our artist on developing official cover artwork for the game, which can be seen below!


Finally, we've been working on adding new features to the game, such as the promised phone functions for user choices and a new, better looking GUI!


We'll have more updates soon as the game is quickly approaching completion.

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  • 4 months later...

We now have our first trailer ready for the game! Things have progressed quite well, and some of our recent developments are showcased within it!

As for the estimated release date, as of right now it's still uncertain but we're working hard to have enough ready to provide a certain date. I'll be posting more updates soon in regards to progress!

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23 hours ago, Plk_Lesiak said:

Random question: this is happening after SohL, right? Is Ceri's boyfriend acknowledged in her cameos? :]

Anyway, the hype is real. Good luck on the final stretch, I can only imagine how taxing this have been for you. :sachi:

It's hinted at, but Ceri being Ceri she's too shy to give anything away! That and, I wanted to leave the SOHL MC as much of a blank-slate character as possible, so there's no direct reference to him, but CB does take place after SOHL!

And thank you! It really has been taxing, but we've been working hard to make the game something special and I'm already so pleased with the quality of the work, especially compared to when I released SOHL.

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