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Otakon VN License Speculations 2017

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3 hours ago, Silvz said:

Yes, I'm aware. But since this status is the same since they announced the game, probably they do have something already. That's what I hope, at least.

Yeah, no.  Sorry, but I track MangaGamer's status updates.  "Picked up" has always meant "no work has been done on this title yet" on any title that's ever been tagged with it.  It is possible some scripting work has been done on Sona-Nyl, as I often see Doddler tweeting about doing scripting work on games before they hit 100/100.  But the game is at 0% translated and edited, where it has been ever since MangaGamer announced it.  MangaGamer isn't Jast USA, they provide regular status updates on all their projects, and it's unthinkable that the translator for the project would be (say) 50% done and they don't know.

See in the thread I posted a few days back about their job posting?  Yeah, they have weekly (or so) status meetings with their translators.  So if there had been any translation progress at all, it would have been apparent to MangaGamer and in turn it would have ended up in their status tracker.

I got no idea what's up with Sona-Nyl, but I really don't see them picking up more Steampunk titles while it's completely stalled.  Unless they announce the reason Sona-Nyl's been held up is that all of them are coming, which I highly doubt.


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