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Hey so Princess Evangile W happiness and Wagamama High Spec both got released this week and are both on sale around the same price. Problem I cant decide between the two. 

Ive been waiting for W happiness for about 2 years now but I just tried the Wagamama demo and it caught my intrest as well.

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12 hours ago, ChaosRaven said:

Ratng wise Wagamama High Spec seems to be the better one, since it's higher rated both on VNDB and EGS.

But if you liked Princess Evangile so much that you were waiting 2 years for the fan disc, then I would pick that one since it's a saver bet then.

I think I've said this before... but EGS votes are unreliable when it comes to VN quality (vndb's should only be looked at with a massive shaker of salt, for that matter).  However, my review of Wagamama was fairly decent, though it is the only decent Madosoft game, lol


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