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Is Amane a common VN name?

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I've noticed that in three of the four visual novels I've read, I would encounter at least one character named Amane. There's Amane Suou in Grisaia, Amane Mochizuki in If My Heart Had Wings, and Amane Suzuha in Steins;Gate. This has got me thinking: Is Amane a common and popular VN name? Or am I just really, coincidentally lucky with my pics?

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Amane is a fairly common name used in VNs, just like nagisa, haruka, etc. But be aware that even if the name is read as "Amane" there are many different ways that you can write it using different kanji combinations or kanji+hiragana http://tangorin.com/names/amane  just like any other name, sometimes even using specific kanji used in names which I believe they are called jinmeishoukan(人名用) (茜  akane for example)

btw if you want to know how popular a name is in VNs just check it xD



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24 minutes ago, TexasDice said:

Continuing that train of thought; What is the most common western name for girls in Japanese media? 

Alice, or as Japanese spell Arisu. I said this because I'd found that name quite often in some anime and VNs, especially because there's a company called Alice Soft.

As for common name, I think Amane was quite common for sure but I think I'd heard Rin name more often, either as a nickname or a full name. There's also Aoi if you want some common girls name there. In the end, if you ask me whether name was coincidence or not I'll just go with coincidence for most of the case.

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K, thanks guys. Learning something new each day.

2 hours ago, TexasDice said:

What is the most common western name for girls in Japanese media? 


I'm guessing Alice, because there's Alice Cartelet from Kiniro Mosaic, Alice Margatroid from the Touhou games, a character simply named Alice from Pandora Hearts, and these are the ones I can name off the back of my head. Nine times out of ten, it would overlap or have some allusions to Alice in Wonderland, which I'm guessing is really popular over in Japan. Then again, Alice is probably the most used female name in-general in any type of media.

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It's not "Amane Mochizuki", it's "Mochizuki Amane" (first name "Amane" and last name "Mochizuki").

With Suzuha, "Amane" is a last name.

So considering you can have it both as a first name or last name, chances increase and hence you end up seeing that name a lot.

When I started playing VNs, I saw the name "Yuuji" in protags a lot.

Most uncommon name I've seen is "Amamiya Mitsuki" from Period.

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