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Links are not working

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First I apologize if I posted it in wrong sub-forum but I am not sure where it belongs. At least for me, none of the links on this page work:


I don't know. Maybe it is just my PC, but when I try clicking it I ether get "This site can't be reached" (Chrome) or "Server not found" (Mozzila). Since it is sticky and important one it should be fixed

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8 hours ago, Zakamutt said:

The broken links appear to be pointing to our previous domain fuwanovel . org  rather than fuwanovel.net. If you want to check any out yourself you can change org to net and it might work.

For me it is not a problem. I know how to google them. I posted here because it is sticky thread which is meant to help neebies after all. They did help me when I was starting and I think that they would be helpful for many people, that is why I posted suggesting fixing them. And yes, you were right. Changing org to net does the trick.

7 hours ago, Clephas said:

That reminds me... I need to update those lists...

Good luck with that. That is quite a number of lists you have to update then :D

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