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Cyberpunk Casanova [Sci-Fi][Thriller][Action][Romance][Demo]


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Cyberpunk Casanova is what we like to call a dystopian dating sim! It is our goal to create a dating sim with a western approach. To achieve this and maintain balance with what fans like about the genre, we decided to contrast the "grimdark" setting with bright and vibrant artwork. We also made a decision to raise the danger level. Choices you make in game will not only influence how a person feels about you, but can also shape future “life or death” scenarios and major events for both you and the NPCs. The language and tone of this game is adult.  Characters will not shy away from using certain "expletives." Your goal in game is simple. Decide how you will use the wits and influence of the protagonist in order to defeat the greatest enemy of all… BOREDOM. Our estimated release date is Dec 2017 with our target platforms being PC, Mac, and also iOS.


First the familiar part. In a distant future the world is now being controlled by large corporations.  However you won’t be playing the “hero” that fights back against corporate evils. Instead, you take on the role of Enzo Bryson, a talented but free-spirited 23 year old playboy from a rich family.

In an effort to teach Enzo a lesson, his parents strip him of his corporate resources and credit accounts. It is their intention for Enzo to suffer until they return from a business trip in 30 days. In their minds this should be more than enough time for their foolish son to have come to his senses and make the decision to join the company (Tritus Technologies) or be removed from family records.

In those 30 days you will meet colorful characters (mostly women) some of which Enzo wouldn’t have talked to under normal circumstances due to his extravagant lifestyle. With each of these characters you have the option to see how far down the rabbit hole goes or simply move along. It’s important to not let Enzo’s boredom and happy go lucky attitude get the best of him.  Because saying the wrong things to the wrong people or making certain decisions can put himself and others in danger.



We have made efforts as to not spoil major plot points of the story. As such, these bios will only contain basic information. There will be further clarification on characters as time progresses but we will try our best not to reveal too much. This is NOT the complete cast list









Dialogue choices can have either minor effects (ex: The person you are talking to starts to dislike you) or major effects (ex: Get kidnapped by thugs). You may need to improve one of three stats in order to say certain things or choose certain options. These stats are: Athletics, Precision, and Composure.


Athletics represents your ability to do physical things such as running away from danger or perform… other “activities”


Composure represents your ability to handle stressful situations and perform risky actions that could place you at risk


Precision represents your ability to negotiate and perform intricate tasks like shooting your gun at people. Try not to do that too much because Enzo's a lover not a fighter...

You can increase these stats by playing minigames, buying implants, performing special actions, or simply getting lucky by selecting certain dialogue choices


Unlike traditional dating sims, courting in this title is very different. It's more aptly described as problem solving. Each woman has a problem or issue that is affecting their lives in a major way. In order to progress favorably Enzo will need to get involved. Sometimes it’s obvious when scenarios are getting dangerous but that won’t be true in every case as situations can have a way of sneaking up on you. Making the decision to bail when things get rough or flat out being a jerk to someone could cause that person to write you off.

One other unusual element is that solutions unknowingly (and sometimes knowingly) connect these women together in interesting ways. As such you may need to perform certain actions with someone else in order to resolve another person’s issues. Currently there are 8 courtable women in the game (See "Cast" section).


The idea for Cyberpunk Casanova began as an idea for a web comic 3 years ago. After doing research on visual novels and realizing how much more dynamic the idea could become, we set our sights on creating a game instead. The current incarnation of the game has been in development for about 2 years off and on. In that time we have been able to design the characters and core user experience, code the groundwork for some of the fundamental game systems, make great progress on the various minigames that are in this title, and complete a playable demo experience..

Our primary character portraits are almost completely finished. Our environments are about 30% done and the story is 80% complete. We will also need to add some polish and "life" to our enviornments.





Can't forget about the score! Music Producer PRIME8PIMPIN has collaborated with other awesome artists to create a unique and amazing soundtrack for the game!  Below is a URL to some of the tracks that will be included. If you like them feel free to download them!


We have started a thunderclap campaign to help get the word out when attempt our kickstarter in July. Please consider joining as this will help us greatly. The same link (the link below this) is where the demo can be found.


What are your influences?

What kind of minigames are in the title?

What kinds of life threatening situations should the player expect?

thanks guys!


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