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Time to look for more VN to refill my wishlist.


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My taste? Well basically I like:

1. Chuunige

2. Anything with gothic lolita (I like Aqua from Himawari, read 11eyes for Liselotte, read Umineko for Bern, and been anticipating to read &Sora and Sakuuta next, need to say more?)

3. Plotge or Charage doesn't matter, I can appreciate both

4. Preferably have some depth

5. Japanese/English translated doesn't matter except if its too 'difficult'

6. Some denpa is nice too

7. Yanderes are pretty nice

8. I like devoted characters the most (the reason I put Haru Usami on my top favorite characters)

9. Settings doesn't matter but prefer late Showa era ish

10. Moege? As long as there's characters that flirts a lot it's all good!

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6 minutes ago, Tamaki Sakura said:

If you haven't read Dies Irae yet, that seems like an obvious place to start.

Is the translation good? I heard it's like one of the hardest VN to be translated. If you expect me to read JP well, I hope I'm okay by using DI as one of my starting VN.

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Let's see what I could recommend to you here.

Hapymaher - One girl (Not heroine unfortunately, but major character nonetheless) had gothic lolita. Not translated yet unfortunately

Dracu Riot - Elina was flirts with you a lot. That's all

Sayooshi - An untranslated denpa games

Tokyo Babel - One of translated chuunige that was well accepted (Besides Dies Irae). Had apolayptic setting

As for Dies Irae, I think the translation was quite good so far so I would suggest you to try the translated version as well.

That's all for my recommendations here now.

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Chuuni suggestions

Sorcery Jokers

Gensou no Idea

Shinigami no Testament


Bullet Butlers

Ayakashibito (translated)


I wish I could recommend Libra, but the translation is an abomination...

Tokyo Babel (translated)

Hello, Lady

Suisei Ginka

Tiny Dungeon series (swords and sorcery fantasy)

Yurikago yori Tenshi Made

Kikan Bakumatsu Ibun Last Cavalier (though the names might be hard for you to keep up with... I suggest looking up the equivalent historical people to get an idea of what to expect)

Sengoku Koihime

Shin Koihime Musou (original Koihime sucks in comparison)

Izuna Zanshinken (I take questions on obscure terminology, if you need it)

Sora no Tsukurikata

Gleam Garden no Shoujo

Shuumatsu Shoujo Gensou Alicematic

Tsukiakari Lunch


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3 hours ago, Clephas said:

I wish I could recommend Libra, but the translation is an abomination...

Well you could suggest untranslated version to the OP then, seeing that he want to read Japanese VN and want to read Dies Irae to boot. Besides, I guess Libra wasn't too hard in regard of the Japanese like Dies Irae, right?

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Most of Libra is pure charage... meaning a difficulty no higher than 6.  Iris's speech patterns and some of the battle scenes were the only hard parts, relatively speaking (and even then the highest they got was 7.5).   I do wish they'd included an option for the Japanese text in the Steam version, though...

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