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Best Visual Novel Contest --Round 5 Voting-- (8 VNs left)

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Bracket and Rules

Full Bracket and Result


Just For Fun Results



* Only vote once per person, please. I'll be tracking these and taking down multiple votes made by the same person.
* You don't have to vote in every match. The only mandatory field is putting in your username. Feel free to vote in all matches or almost none of them if you prefer. 
* I'd prefer in matches that you only vote as long as you know/are familiar with at least one visual novel in the match (ideally both!) before voting but I can't and won't enforce it. Just a personal preference.
* In whichever matches you decide to vote for, please vote for the one you like more!


Current Prediction Leaderboard

Points will be added as entrants win a Group of 16. For the first few rounds everyone will be at 0 points. 

To view the current leaderboard as of Round 4 results, CLICK HERE



Where to Vote for Visual Novels

To vote for the visual novels in Round 5, CLICK HERE


Vote on!

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Voted again, and once again it's getting more predictable here to be honest that usually the most popular VN would win the vote. The reason was because people would vote what they usually knew, and this is no exception. To tell the truth, I started to predict that Kajitsu would came at the top (Not necessarily 1st rank by the way) at the very least because that VN was one of the most well known VN both to Fuwanovel and Reddit iirc. Not that I said it was wrong if the popular VN win the votes though.

Anyway, as for my prediction, I think Steins Gate and Fate would be decisively win. The reason was because both of those two other option was less known, especially when the Steins Gate opponent was otome VN which is less known (It's a good one I admit, and obviously it should be the best otome VN here imo). As for Subahibi sure it's quite popular, but I think many people will hold back to play Subahibi until English release in the future, and so maybe caused people voted on Fate more. Keep in mind that it's just my opinion here.

As for 'Just for Fun' I chose Root Double for the first category and Little Busters for the second category. Didn't care in regard of the VN adaptation of the anime, so I didn't vote that.

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34 minutes ago, Darklord Rooke said:

I really wish you wouldn't :P 


I am pleased Grisaia knocked out the far-too-hyped-by-far-too-few Fata, though :3

But that's literally the definition of Grisaia

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