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Need help picking what to read next

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Poll is over and FloFlo won, so, I'm reading that then. Thanks for voting :sachi:


After finishing Chrono Box last night, I'm left with that "wtf do I do now?" feel you get when you finish something amazing. I have no idea what to read next. I was thinking Dies Irae, but the patch won't be out for a while, so that's a bust.

And so I grabbed a handful of games from my backlog that I already own, and made a poll. I realize none of these are TLed, but feel free to vote even if you haven't read any of them.


VNDB pages for the games:

Floral Flowlove

Amairo * Islenauts

Kimi e Okuru, Sora no Hana

Tayutama -Kiss on My Deity-

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I want to vote Amairo because it's Yuzusoft and it should be a breather after read something like ChronoBox. But since you already read it, perhaps I could recommend Tayutama here just because it was the lightest VN out of the remaining choice. Regardless, have fun to read whichever VN that win the vote (Looks like it'll be Flowlove).

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