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Huang Ling Yin

Script Extraction Thread

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Hello, I was trying to extract the script from a visual novel - Lucky Dog 1, which used ADV engine, and encountered this extension file .scb

I have learned that it stands for Scala InfoChannel Published Script and can only be opened by their software. But I still have hope that maybe someone here know how to edit that kind of file.

Thank you in advance. ^^

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Well, GIGA tools doesn't work or I can't understand how it works? It is not for translation, just to count the words and lines of text in scenario.


I use blfpactool, but usually got something like that... 


But .bin files extracted with GARBro works with Marcussana line editor. But I can't count the number of lines and symbols with such program... 


I can't understand the instructions, to be honest. Maybe, any have video instruction or something? Thanks.

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Anybody have any luck using the multiline editor for extracting the scripts from .ism files (for Sisters Natsu no Saigo no Hi)? I can't get it to extract anything comprehensible, but I'm not sure if that's because I'm doing something wrong (I don't speak Chinese so I'm kind of just guessing things based on kanji) or if it just doesn't work.

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