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(Hetalia USUK) Round Around the World -data extraction help

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Um, hello... I'm new here. 

I really need someone good to help hack and get data on this game called Round Around the World (RAtW). I have the files needed all here, but I can't seem to decode the encryption. It would be nice if someone could help decrypt the text as I'm trying to translate the game for everyone to play!

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So, the script is encrypted in a .dll file, and made with a program called liveMaker. I can send the necessary files over if you're willing to help me out here.


Just saying, but here's the files download webpage. (Click the download haha).


After you find and setup the game, the file labeled as 'live.dll", is the one I need someone to help me extract ...


Thank you for reading!!

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Hi Trinity~

Did you ever do the translation? I've been wanting to play RATW forever but I could never find it in English. So I just decided the other day to download it and play it in Japanese, but realised that Visual Novel Reader is trash and that I could do MUCH better subs on my own. So I've tentatively begun to translate it, but I wouldn't wanna do it all if you've already put in the hard work :)

All the best!


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Hi animeXalchemist! Are you still translating the game? I've actually just downloaded Round Around the World and your subtitles have been an absolute godsend. However after the first choice, your translations seem to just... disappear?

For some reason my VNR isn't translating character dialogue/anything between 「」 brackets, which makes it incredibly frustrating as the dialogue is such a huge part of the story. The only thing that has worked out smoothly for me are the community subtitles, so I just want to know if there is anyone out there still translating the game?

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