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Erect! (it's a visual Novel title)

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Yes i know the title is a bit weird.

I'd like to know if anyone is translating this really good looking vn.


Or if anyone is interested in translating it.

I tried to go through it using a machine translator and it was going alright(kinda) but then it stopped working. The machine translation was awkward at best but the characters, the H-scenes, the parts of the story I understood all seemed great.

And the art is gorgeous.

It's about a guy who goes to a school full of succubi.

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Like I said, this game actually does have good writing and escapes being a normal nukige by having a good set of characters as well. If I had to compare it to something in terms of its balance, maybe Sarasarasara? The only serious downside is that this game has a lot of focus on the characters' llibido, but it manages to do so without it becoming completely absurd. The great weakness of a nukige is that it literally only exists to give you an excuse to masturbate, but this is more like a moege with a nukige's amount of h-scenes.

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