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Splashtop Remote quirk

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Heya folks. I'm not sure if this should fall under the game tech forum as its not for any specific game but for like half the visual novels out there. 

Anyway,  i like to use splash top remote 2 to play vns that are running on my computer from my phone.  Normally besides a little sound delay sometimes,  it works almost perfectly.  


However,  for some reason,  some games just don't want to react to a simple left click or tap from ny phone like other games do.  To make it work, i have to hold down on the virtual left click button until it stays indented,  then click it again to make it so its no longer indented.  Really a pain in the butt to do that just to go to the next line of text. 


Another method is that i can quickly tap once then give a short swipe,  and for some reason that seems to work as well. 


Still,  both of these are a pain in the button when all i normally have to do is tap once to make the text move forward. 

So my question is,  does anyone know why this happens in some games but not others? Is there a way to fix it? Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Oh,  doesn't matter if it's in full screen our windowed mode either. Same result. 

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