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VNR is back online!

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I've been using this for a long time with minimal problems, but after upgrading to win10 it became just a mess :/ half of my VNs fail to hook despite proper h-codes and settings transfered from win7.

But the biggest question I have is how can I make the text reader function work properly again? I very much loved this ability to get text from websites, but now it just hooks out the tab name instead of a line I'm hovering mouse over :/

I wonder if anyone has any solutions for this? Or a program that works similar to that function perhaps?

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I nd some help when I use this it just translates it into the a non English language even though I should have it set to jap-eng, occasionally I get it to translate to English but I just mess around on it so I didn't know how I'm doing it. nvr md I managed to fix it

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Trying to make an account but the language choices are completely unreadable, I have no clue which one I should choose.  Never mind, I had to translate the page to English to see what they are.



Also the download for the new VNR version is downloading very slowly and I know it's not my 100MBps internet.

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Can someone help me. My VNR is don't respond after my PC is comeback for fix mainboard.

when i click open program."pythonw.exe" is run in Detail but Mouth cursor is not change and spring board don't open.

i try everything to fix that (change locate to japan,run as admin, clean drive, download VNR latest version) but it don't work.


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Hey guys,

I normally use the VNR to translate JP VN's and it works pretty good.

My preferred translator beside Atlas and LEC is "Excite.co.jp". But since a few days this one doesn't work anymore.

Atlas and LEC and also infoseek that I tried work fine but got excite.co.jp  I do not get any translation during

the game , only a "..." when it's involved in the original sentence. I checked the website (still online) and the link and everything looks fine.

Does anybody know how to solve this ?


I also tried to use just the machine translation function and it looks like this :(:(




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