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Chris Cornell appreciation thread

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So this might be weird, but i'm bored and still grieving over this so i'm going to make it anyways. For those who don't know, two days ago we lost who I believe to be one of the greatest rock singers of all all time, Chris Cornell. He was the lead vocalist for both Soundgarden and Audioslave, though he did numerous other solo works. I've been listening to his music for about as long as I can remember, and the knowledge that i'll never hear that voice sing something new again hurts like a knife in my chest. And to think I skipped seeing them live a little over a week ago, it feels like I didn't get to say goodbye to someone dear to me before they died. Maybe i'm just too sappy :amane:

Anyways, what are you're experiences with his work? Do you like the music? Do you dislike it? Ever seen them in concert? 

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Black hole sun
Won't you come
And wash away the rain?

and this:

Of the top of my head, two track that i liked out of many.

Man I loved Soundgarden and really liked Audioslave. He was a good rock vocalist, really got the emotions of the lyrics across well. I listened to them so much back when i was a teenager till i became a young adult. Those years where you're raw, and rock and grunge just explodes in your chest as you sing out those songs [horribly] with your mates or your lonesome. Through all those raging emotions that comes with life, friendships, love, breakups, failures, successes etc. Chris Cornell's music was definitely apart of those memories. 

Don't listen to the hard sad stuff too much now [on and off], but his music would be in my playlist always, and i'm sure for many other people that enjoyed his music, hence he lives on! 

I'm thankful for the music and the memories, but honestly i don't get affected by celebrities passing since i don't know know them outside the works they create. I usually just think its a sad thing to read about anyone passing unnaturally [suicide, war, sickness etc] and hope they rest in peace. People will remember them through their work and that's already a great way to honour them i think.

Ps: I don't think you're sappy mate, you connected to them in a special way and you're sad about it. Nothing wrong with that, i think its sweet. Thanks for the headsup [i didn't know] and allowing me to relive the sweet memories of my youth for a moment :). 

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I don't think you're sappy mate [2]

I never really knew his work all that thoroughly, but I owned the Audioslave s/t as an accident (my uncle got sent it by mistake by Amazon one day, and he sent it to me cos he knows I like that sort of thing). Far from my favourite album, but man did he have a good set of lungs on him - the tagged song is one that in particular sticks.





RIP Chris.

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Allegedly it was suicide, so we can't, and shouldn't judge him. We don't know what shit he was through. But I wish nobody killed themselves, and not talented people like Chris. It's sad.

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On 5/20/2017 at 8:26 PM, Fred the Barber said:

I never listened to much Soundgarden, but I did really like Audioslave's eponymous album. I can hear him sing "I Am The Highway" in my head at will, and it's always worth hearing. One hell of a singer.

I opened this thread to post almost literally this. Although maybe the song that I hear the clearest in my head is Be Yourself

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