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Action/RPG V/N with multiple routes? (Read inside for more details)

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I just finished a nifty title from SofthouseChara and while I enjoyed it, I didn't really like that the character was essentially a harem protagonist. Now, harems are fine as long as you can CHOOSE if you want that harem.

I was looking at Ayakashibito and its different heroines and liked one in specific, but I also saw things that happen to her and wasn't exactly happy with that. 


Talking of course of Kaoru and how she supposedly is the subject of death and gangrape. No thank you

Preferably with the routes ending in the MC getting married and having a family. (Though just a 1 route would be okay if it had this)

I'd like to control the action within the game, but it's not necessary as long as the choices are good.

18+ is fine, I did just play Bunny Black after all and I'm going to start Sengoku Rance, eventually.

No over the top gore or over the top 18+ content like mindbreak and all that other stuff.


Uhh.. yeah. Still checking out Kamidori Alchemy Meister.


Was going to go with Mylen Ploa but her only real scene involves more than the MC from what I understand. By the way, can anyone tell me who the others are? Just non-named characters in her little "Gangbang scene"? I'm genuinely curious.


Fully translated only please. :)



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I think once again Kamidori was suffecient once again. Although if you want more then Beat Blade Haruka should be good (Just make sure you didn't go to bad sex scene, and it had quite a lot of scenes). Also Galaxy Angel trilogy as well if I may add more here.

By the way, in regard of Mylen,


she'd just summon her monster friend to play with her and Wil. So actually Mylen just a side character and she is quite a masochist, and she willingly to be ganged by several monsters once again.

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7 hours ago, Overlord87 said:

Although not 100% what you seek, you might be interested in Yumina the Ethereal. Funny RPG. MC doesn't go harem, if I remember correctly (maybe you can, but it's not mandatory).

I actually stumbled across this yesterday and decided to buy it. 

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