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Hey guys.
You can find release 0.0.6 - "Ice Dream" here: http://www.indiedb.com/games/general-practitioner

This is the biggest update ever released for this game, I hope you'll enjoy it. To start Rita's story arc you just need to start a new game, complete her examination and then explore city until you find the ice-cream shop.

I won't detail the following steps because I also need to know if all gameplay interactions are smooth as well, so if you find any trouble please let me know.

For the first time the game will be available for Mac, Linux and Android devices!

To install the Android APK you need to unlock "installation from unknown sources" in your device's settings.

Please note that since every Android device is different I can't help you with issues regarding your phone and you might need to refer to your local service provider.

As usual please read the changelog and avoid to report what's already in "Known issues" part. Thank you very much!

Some screenshots ahead:

You can now follow me on Twitter (www.twitter.com/BruniMultimedia) and of course at www.brunimultimedia.com

Be safe and healthy!

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