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do you think Baku Ane Otouto Shibocchau zo! would get translated

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Pretty much zero chance, even though I would personally love to see a official localized version. It isn't quite zero though, the publishers have had a some titles localized and it has a hentai which means it has a little more name recognition. 

Still though that is like 0.0005% chance of it being localized. 

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Well, nobody could accurately predict the translation chance before they announce it. Although if I may say which company had the chance, it's probably Mangagamer if only they usually releasing nukige occasionally (And experienced to boot). Keep in mind that the chance was very tiny though.

As for my interest, not one of my wishlist to be honest.

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Whenever you see a nukige from a company localizers haven't or only barely worked with before, it's pretty safe to assume that it won't see a translation unless it's truly noteworthy in some way. No one has ever worked with Atelier Kaguya before, and even if someone did strike a deal with them, there isn't a particularly good reason to pick that specific title over any of the others among their vast catalog.

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