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Maki Fes! [Cumplete patch released]

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Today is the birthday of @HMN... but less importantly, it is also the birthday of Love Live's Nishikino Maki. It is thus with great pleasure I announce that we, Bueeh?! Translations, Though, have successfully completed a translation patch for Maki Fes!, where you can fuck her in at least 8 different ways! Maki is fully voiced; the unnamed male main character is not, so you can totally pretend he's Dovac if that's what you get off to (look, don't judge me). I believe like two of the scenes are animated too, but one is a blowjob scene and blowjobs are boring, so idk seems kinda pointless if you ask me ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Jokes aside I spent surprising amounts of time translating 1/10 of this thing, and some other people spent even more doing, well, significantly more work. I don't understand, I just stand in awe at their dedication and prowess.

You can find the patch, as well as patching instructions (you have to scroll b/c asonn is a terrible web designer), at our website. We hope you enjoy your time with Maki...


  • Translators: Asonn, Arcadeotic, Hanako, HMN, Jptje, Nandemonai, TBAC & Zakamutt.
  • TLC & whiplord: TBAC.
  • Editor: Ryechu.
  • QC & Beta testers: Forgetful Frank.
  • Hacker: Porygon2.
  • Image editor & GUI translator: kiririri.
  • Doing absolutely nothing: @Kawasumi

PS: if you only read one scene, let me recommend choosing "I wanna fuck". It's my scene, and I made some interesting translation choices :P

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2 minutes ago, ShinRaikdou said:

Nukige Pure Love Story. Hm~ you got my attention


So-o, is it translation, or "translation" ? As littleshogun, i am not following...

It's a non-scare-quoted translation. Even the scene I recommend is mostly accurate to the original, with a few embellishments that still mostly mean the same thing.

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7 hours ago, Skorpionss said:

Getting a DirectDraw error when trying to run the game, with or without the patch :(

If this is with the DLSite version, the patch is presently not compatible.

If this is with the disc that you definitely purchased from Japan, be sure to install the game, and do not move the save folder location. If you have reinstalled, you'll need to delete the associated registry entries as well.

DirectDraw probably means you need to update your DirectX. Ask Google.

And if all else fails, PM me...

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To be more specific, what you're probably looking for is DirectX9, which confusingly is not quite the same thing as the later DirectXes. It can get a bit complicated and I remember having to google it myself while trying to run a different game on win10. With that said, it's possible installing the latest DirectX will help you too /shrug.

Edit: this looks like it. It's a bit tricky because if you use their usual web setup it'll just say that you have the latest version and not actually install version 9 in some cases.

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