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If you were forced to remove all Visual Novels from existence except one, what would you pick?


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Yo, it's been quite a while since I last posted anything here... But hey, good to show up every now and then :sachi:

Me and my buds at FuwaFM just had a long podcast about this topic, and I am interested in hearing what ya'll would pick.

If it were left with me and me alone, I'd probably pick Rewrite. Imo it's not only one of the best VNs out there, it's a very good example of how to use the medium right. The way all of its routes tie into one another and how the plot is different yet connected to every other route really shows how unique of a story a VN can tell.

The podcast itself was more of a game, with a long list of all of the VNs the four of us are at least somewhat familiar with. We get to remove VNs from that list one by one, and the last VN standing is the winner. We also added the shield mechanic, which allows a member to stop a VN from dying, permanently halting the killer's ability to attack that particular VN again, although others can still kill it.

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Probably The House In Fata Morgana for me, although it does not exploit choices as well as I'd want it to (it's mostly linear). Virtue's Last Reward is by far the best about choice (and consequence) from what I've seen, but it's not standalone, so it's ruled out.

Edit: Could have considered Umineko instead for much of the same reasons, but again, thanks to the fact that it has no choices, it's ruled out (trying to find a VN that would provide a suitable baseline to "rebuild" the genre).

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1 hour ago, Kaguya said:

The Best Eroge Ever. 5 minutes of shitty references to games that no longer exist. I'd like to imagine it'd be an internet mystery, something which no one could quite make sense of. 

My favorite suggestion thus far


1 hour ago, iamnoob said:

That's a very roundabout way of asking what's your favorite VN......

Nah, it's pretty different. Removing all VNs but on efrom existence will have a profound impact on everything, from the dominating country producing VNs to the very nature and culture of the medium. Your choice would affect the past, present and future you want to live in, not just your favorite fap material at any given moment.

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I still think it essentially comes down to your favorite game. If this choice affects the future of the genre, I'd want subsequent games to be patterned after my favorite so that there would be a higher chance of me enjoying them. In that case, I'd have to pick HoshiMemo.

Still, while it would be regrettable to have my experience of playing that game vanish as if it never happened, I reckon it could be more interesting to leave in existence a VN I haven't read yet. For that, it would have to be one that I'm looking forward to reading a lot... That would probably be Hapymaher.

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