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mention some characters/Heroines whom you still remember/admire

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It happens a lot, you read a vn and fall in love with a certain character while you're reading that vn, then you finish the vn and you don't even remember the name of that character anymore. There are some certain characters though that you can never forget, whether you consider them to be too cute/sexy or they just simply stood out for you for some reason.

which characters fall into that category for you and why?

I will start, i haven't read that many vns, but here are some of the characters that stood out for me:

  • Rin (Katawa Shoujo): she was simply very mysterious and i just loved her personality, i also liked her story.
  • Michuru (Grisaia): I know many people hate her, i just found her very cute and liked her 'tsundere' attempts
  • Fuuko (Clannad): Hands down the cutest loli character in existence, she was simply the definition of adorable, i also loved her voice acting, she is the number one cutest character in my book.
  • Nagisa (Clannad): Where do i start? she had the best character of all the heroines i have seen, i admired her personality and passion, nothing about her was 'forced', her character was very reasonable and logical. simply amazing. i have finished clannad about a year ago and i still think about her XD


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Just now, Funyarinpa said:

Sora from Ever17 and Giselle from The House In Fata Morgana would be my top two

cool, i have read only one route on Ever17 (it is the anti social girl) i thought it was alright and was in the process of reading Sora's route but got really bored with the vn, i might pick it up again. regarding Giselle i am still reading Fata Morgana right now, here is what i think so far:


the vn started off really good but i feel like they have been just pushing the story, i am reading the chapter where we found out that Micheal is actually Michelle, which i found very creepy to be honest and changed my opinion a bit about the vn, i do like Giselle though, she has a very good personality. i will try to finish the vn and hope it doesn't get any worse.


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Chie (Kira Kira) :  It's time for a Fuwanovel confession :makina: Recently, I finally realized why I love this character. When I was a high school student, I had a crush on a girl just like her (low self-esteem, brunette, a bit tsunderish, atheist, retaking a year...).

Miyako (Majikoi) : She's loyal, smart, mischievous and admirably funny. She's simply the best character in this Majikoi vast pantheon.

Rin (Fate/Stay Night) : I'm weak against Magicians or Witches. And her design is cute and she's a tsundere :ph34r:

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Dmitri Kalanikov (Evolimit)- The head of the Calamity Monkeys, a bear of a Russian scientist who was the operational leader of the first Mars colonization effort.  Highly intelligent (despite his appearance), his one weakness was his daughter, Tsunami.  Like most of the Calamity Monkeys, there is an aura of childish wonder to his attitudes toward the colonization of Mars.  A man of heroic proportions in every way.

Kamio Ami (Semiramis no Tenbin)- Ingenious, borderline sociopathic, and manipulative, she is redeemed somewhat by a lack of malice (toward most people) and a definite sense of fairness.  Referred to as a demon by the protagonist, due to her manipulations, she nonetheless prefers to create positive results in most situations she manipulates (though there are some seriously odd results).  Unfortunately, her early life has left her somewhat screwy when it comes to close relationships.

Hinaori Kagome (Comyu)- Vicious, malicious, and ingenious, with an endless capacity for ruthlessness.  The true heroine of Comyu.  Her only love is the protagonist, but she tends to have an odd way of showing it, most of the time.  Not fit for human company most of the time.

Shigure Sora (Devils Devel Concept)- Sociopathic, monstrous, and more than a little crazy.  While he has many holes in his personality and negative personality traits, he is also invariably honest, endlessly dutiful to those duties he has taken on himself, and protective (as well as possessive) of those he attaches to.  He is incapable of love in the romantic sense, though the heroines generally refuse to believe this (despite having issues there themselves).  He is, however, capable of contentment and desiring the contentment of others, albeit in a limited sense.  He is also rarely needlessly malicious, outside of combat (where is aroused in every sense).

Toshirou (Vermilion Bind of Blood)- An ancient former-samurai vampire who serves as a guardian of vampiric law in the city of Foggy Bottom.  A rarity amongst vampires, who generally don't bother to polish technique, he is willing to use anything he can to fulfill what he sees as his duty.  However, he also suffers from a silver bullet that is slowly rotting away his heart, giving him a sense of mortality no other vampire is able to experience.

Zephyr Colerain (Silverio Vendetta)- Normally a lazy sponge of a cowardly deserter whose only passion is protecting his adopted sister Millie from danger.  When cornered he becomes the most sadistic sort of killer, ruthlessly utilizing insults, examples of painful death, and human shields to kill his enemies, often in an enormously painful fashion.  The ultimate assassin due to his abilities and personality (cowardly, intense desire to survive, absolute ruthlessness).

Serika (Ikusa Megami series)- Once a young warrior-hero full of kindness and dreams of peace, with the loss of his humanity he has become the God-slayer, wandering the world in search of a place to be at peace.  Broken and worn down by his experiences and the pressure of his goddess body on his all-too-human soul, there is very little remaining of the young man he was at the beginning.

Kaito (Akatsuki no Goei)- Insulting, rude, arrogant, and more than a little crazy, Kaito is the protagonist of the Akatsuki no Goei series.  Well-aware of his own internal darkness, he nonetheless lives as he wills, no matter the situation.

Narita Shinri (Hello, Lady)- Hyper-intelligent, arrogant, and uncaring of others sensibilities, he is the protagonist of Hello, Lady.  A vengeance-seeking young man with a strong sense of theater, as well as a capacity for ruthlessness tempered by a moral compass damaged but not destroyed by his experiences.

Elceranto de Annoyance/Belche (Draculius)- The ultimate 'loli-baba' vampire.  A five hundred year old vampire sent to serve the protagonist, she serves as mother, mentor, lover, wife, maid, and general guide to the world for Jun throughout the story.  As a support character and a heroine, she is unmatched... and she is also really really good at killing humans, lol.

Marie (Dies Irae)- An innocent young girl who lived her entire mortal life without human contact due to the curse of the guillotine.  Her last words were 'I will always be here, won't I?' when she was finally executed by the very guillotine at whose foot she was born... only to continue to exist, immortal and unchanging. 


She becomes a goddess of reincarnation, full of compassion and driven by an endless desire to embrace others in her arms.

Maia (Hapymaher)- The mistress of Tohru's dreams, a sadistic loli who loves nothing more than teasing the people she loves.  However, she is also intensely protective of those same people and utterly unforgiving of those who attempt to harm them.  She is the image of Tohru's greatest desire and a source of endless pain and sorrow for him, the sweet dream he does not allow himself to experience.

Donoko (Haruka ni Aogi, Uruwashi no)- Donoko is a young woman at the isolated girls' school who acts as if she cares about nothing at all.  However, her meeting with Tsukasa changes her outlook, giving her a confidante she otherwise never would have possessed.  The girl that she shows to Tsukasa is inquisitive, kind-hearted, and highly intelligent, as well as being a natural rebel to authority that seeks to force her into a mold she can't fit into.

Yuuji (Grisaia series)- A deeply scarred young man who has lived much of his life since adolescence as an intelligence agent.  His outlook on life is warped rather obviously by his experiences, including those prior to his adoption by his teacher and his entry into service.

Ichirou (Hatsuru Koto Naki Mirai Yori)- The protagonist of the story.  A hard-edged kamikaze pilot with a drill sergeant's attitude and a surprising talent for analyzing a situation... though he tends to act on instinct more often than not.  He is the product of WWII's battlefield and nationalist culture, but he is well-aware of the contradictions of his education and life in the service.  In his view, a soldier's duty is to die so that civilians don't have to.  At times, he will speak indirectly about the horrors of being in service to a nation that has forgotten how to surrender.

Kaze no Ushiro ni Ayumu Mono (Jingai Makyou)- Feral, animalistic, and direct in all matters.  She is of a species of wolf-like non-humans who seek the protagonist's potential power, asking him to allow her to eat him when he is satisfied with his life (in her mind, after he has kids).  To an extent, she follows the natural laws (survival of the fittest), but she doesn't believe in giving up the struggle for life while there is a breath in her body.

Cinema (Komorebi no Nostalgica)- A main character but not a heroine of the story of Komorebi no Nostalgica.  A simple, innocent humanoid AI who displays an odd level of humanity in her gestures and actions, despite being far behind technologically in comparison to the fully self-aware Metosera.  She was once both the ultimate masterpiece of one of the greatest software and hardware developers of all time and a perfectly innocent sales clerk at the movie rental shop he ran.   Decades later, after the war, found and repaired by the protagonist and friends, she begins a journey of self-discovery that is deeply touching as she blurs the boundaries between man and machine in ways even the denizens of the new world have yet to encounter.

Fluorite (Komorebi no Nostalgica)- A young Metosera and one of the protagonist's group of friends since childhood.  While she retains the tendency toward excessive dependence on logical analysis that many of her kind have, she nonetheless displays a depth of emotion and personality that sets her apart as a distinct individual sentience, rather than a mere result of artificial development. 

Luna (Tsuki ni Yorisou, Otome no Sahou)- A brilliant artist, investor, and master of the mansion the protagonist works at as a trap maid.  She is an albino, suffering from the same difficulties many such individuals endure (weakness to UV rays, a tendency toward vision problems, etc), she has nonetheless made a life for herself, even in the face of the active opposition and off-hand contempt of her birth family.  While she can be harsh on first meeting, she is deeply passionate in her affection toward those she comes to care about, even if she appears to maintain a certain distance at times.

Roy (Ryakudatsusha no In'en and Ryuukishi Bloody Saga)- A young man who began his life as a victim, endured living as a killer to become an avenger, and eventually became a healer and protector after his vengeance left him empty. 

Tendou Setsuna (Tokyo Babel)- A child forced to act as a god to a desperate populace, who then proceeded to foil their desires, causing the extinction of an entire planet full of humans.  His guilt has made him gloomy and given him a disregard for his own safety and happiness that is unnatural in its completeness.  Created as a short-lived tool, he looks to be in his late teens despite having only lived a few years.  He can be considered the 'ultimate human' in the sense that his abilities lie at the very limits of what is possible through bio-engineering a human before birth.

Opera (Tiny Dungeon)- A dragon-race maid... as well as a former assassin and counter-intelligence agent in the war.  Her current hobbies are putting her beloved mistress in compromising situations and enjoying the aftermath.

Hime (Tiny Dungeon)- The protagonist of the Tiny Dungeon series.  He is a young man, who in the face of near-impossible odds, endless contempt and racial prejudice from almost everyone around him, and an inability to use magic, has nonetheless managed to remain at the Trinity Academy and even thrive there.  He is intelligent and a hard-worker, as well as being kind of heart and thoughtful.

Kiritooshi Hiro (Yurikago yori Tenshi made)- An odd young man with dead eyes who has an unfortunate tendency to say what he thinks at any given moment, then bang his head against the wall afterward when he realizes just what he said.  The possessor of an artificial skeleton known as a Knight Frame, non-fatal wounds heal in moments and he possesses a level of physical capability no unaltered human can match.  His dislike of trouble tends to combine with a tendency to draw that trouble to him to create some rather desperate situations.

Rain (Baldr SkyDive)- A young woman who lived much of her youth in a sheltered fashion, in the wake of the nano-assembler disaster, she becomes the protagonist's sole companion.  She has a singular, devoted love for the protagonist that is overwhelming in its strength.  I found it a pity she wasn't the true heroine, lol.

Takefumi (Natsuiro Recipe)- A simple, honest young man who is drawn to a small town by a letter from a (yet another) potential half-sister.  He finds her living alone in her grandmother's home, and he decides to accept her as his little sister, even if it turns out not to be true.  A steady, hard-working young man with a strong sense of responsibility.

Reiji (Electro-arms)- A bored young gamer with a delinquent's reputation and a love of gaming that makes him quite at home in EA when he discovers it one night.  He is highly intelligent and skilled at putting puzzles together with only a few pieces available (in the metaphorical sense), as well as being driven primarily by curiosity in most matters.

Kotarou (Izuna Zanshinken)- A near-shota with an easy manner and a ready smile... who is also the vigilante assassin, Izuna.  While he is generally mild-mannered in most situations, he possesses an instinctive and overwhelming rage toward those who 'cross the line', which often comes out in his manner of killing (ex. feeding a cannibal alive to his pet rats after cutting his hamstrings and the tendons in his elbows). 


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Well, I don't really have clear favorites, and I rarely compare characters from different VNs. The ones that stand out in my memory the most when I think about it are Rin from Fate/Stay Night and Yuuji from Grisaia. Also, I like some characters from Umineko, but there are too many favorites to mention.

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