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Chaos;head CG Compress Problem ! Help !

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Hi guys! im new on this forum !


I need help for someone , im working on a spanish fan translation for Chaos;Head (PC) - Chaos;Head NOAH (xbox360)


But i have a big problem! i use the tool NIPA to extract all data i need to work in the translation but... at the momento of compress CG (images) data again , the game not work


Can anyone give a solution o program to compress / edit CG archive without problems?



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thanks for the help bu Nope not works , same problem , when i put the image (modified by me) and compress the CG folder with the program


Game doesn't work (black screen only with sound)

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5 hours ago, Huang Ling Yin said:

just asking, but how did you modify the CG? and what image format did you use?
back then when i tried with totono, i edit with gimp, both JPG and PNG run just fine for me


Using phothoshop cs6 , i unpack cg archive , modify the image , pack again and game not works , seems like a compression problem with the engine of nitro plus


Maybe exist a program to open that archvies (npa) and put the files directly inside? without uncompressing?



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