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Firstly, let me say that it looks like there's an amazing community here, I'm really looking forward to reading everyone's views, opinions and suggestions with what to read next. 

I'm sort of a VN newbie by titles read rather than time, and while my story is somewhat convoluted please bare with me. ;)

I got into VN's after watching Deens adaptation of FSN and reading everyone at anidb slate it, and they were correct the VN was amazing! Although I didn't complete all routes at the time, due to issues with text hooker, it gave me a good enough experience that I proceeded to perv my way through several other titles, Gibo, Bunnies, secret wives club, etc.

This ended abruptly when I met my wife in 2006 and decided to give up reading; apart from melty blood which I kept playing online. However, FHA came out recently creating a storm of interest at anidb, so I finished FSN, FHA and I'm once again hooked! I believe being able to now read on sofa with tablet has enhanced the re-addiction; I cannot think of anything better to relax. 

So that's my story, I currently reading Kono Oozora, and will probably read Steins Gate next. I'm just working my way through Kaguya's top 50 list.

Anyhow, thanks for reading my ramblings, I look forward to discussing VNs with you all in the future. :D


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Welcome to the community, I myself loved Kono oozora, once you get finished with it, you should read pulltops many other VNs (Koi Resort, Miagete Goran, Yozora no Hoshi o, etc.)

i myself am still working on Koi Resort cause I forgot Like half of the routes so I decided to go back and do them.

but I'm your local everyday shitposter, and I welcome you

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2 hours ago, littleshogun said:

I see another Type Moon fan here).

You bet, I'm eagerly awaiting for release of the heavens feel film (my favourite route), for tsukihime remake (all of anidb insist it'll happen) and for commie/herkz to finish fan TL of Mahoutsukai no Yoru. :)

I'm pursuing that feeling and sense of accomplishment you get when seeing

the menu background and music change to cherry blossoms

in FSN for the first time. I remember just leaning back in my chair and reflecting on everything that had happened. Such an amazing feeling. 

Loving the recommendations thank you littleshogun, Ayakashibito looks especially like my cup of tea. :)

Are there many other type moon fans here? 

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