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A bit late to an introduction but... Hello!

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Well... where to start, i always where attracted to watching anime but my passion for visual novels started a lot later, my main passion was anime, i couldn't really get into manga or light novels at first, and since many visual novels aren't really animated i didn't care much for them either. All that change after the launch of Katawa Shoujo though, since it was such a debated title i took a look at it to see what's all the commotion about, and it absolutely won me over and pulled me in to the wonderful world of visual novels, to the point of visual novels being my favorite past time activity, but since unfortunately i do not know japanese i'm limited to the ones that have translated english text. My favorites are:


Majikoi (all of them)

Muv-Luv ( Extra/Unlimited and Alternative)

G Senjou no Maou

and a new one that has just joined the favorites, ChunShigura 46+1


Anyway since i made a few recommendation threads i took a liking to the community and will like to see if i can fit in.


PS: now i'm trying out Dracu-Riot. 

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