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ChronoClock Translation Re-Editing

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I'm basically just repeating what everyone else has said, but yeah, don't waste your time on this. The issues you bring up are just small localization choices, not mistakes or anything of the sort. If you truly want to fix a project's translation, you should look at things like ChuSinGura, Wild Romance etc. Those localizations were so terrible it's not even funny and fixing them would actually make many people happy. As you might have noticed, "fixing" Chrono Clock's translation won't really please anyone. 

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It's done. Not by me however, but by another anon on 4chan:


I edited Chrono Clock. Better late than never.

The dynamic text box does not work. You need to use the static text box. If you want it, too bad. I tried to make it work, but I just can't. It's shit anyway, don't mind it.

-Restoration of honorifics (including Senpai, Nii-sama)
-Removed DD's weeb speak
-Removed DD's excessive bong speak
-Removed buster
-EN name order -> JP name order
-Removed some of the swearing that was added in SP's version.
-Fixed a couple of minor mistranslations - this is not a re-translation by any means, I just fixed some glaring mistakes
-D.D. -> DD - The only reason this was done is because "D.D.'s" or "D.D.-san" looks like horseshit in-game.
-Cro->Kuro - Fuck you if you don't agree. I already wrote my arguments here, check the readme if you need a reminder.
-Reduced the frequency of "Little Michiru" (changed to Michiru when it's clear who's being talked to/about), especially in direct speech.

I read though it twice, once while making the changes and then quickly read each chapter after the changes for it were done. After the whole thing was done, I CTRL'd through the fresh game on two different computers. I hope it works right, I really do.

Given the fact that SP themselves were going to re-edit it too, this guy pretty much did the job for them.

Anyways, remove recruiting tag and mark it as complete.

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