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Games n' Stuff Discord (Recently Reformed)

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Hello~! :sachi: I made a Discord about a month ago and I noticed that the targeted demographic wasn't attracting very many people. So, I reformed the Discord channel to be more open and free, not as directionally focused on 3DS as before.

I've added a Kouhai-chan (beta). She can help you out, but please bear in mind that this is the first time I've set up a Discord bot and I am still working out her bugs.

Here is a link that doesn't expire: https://discord.gg/D9ZCv6m

I've also added a role that is exclusive to those that join from these FuwaForums. (Yes, I know it's arbitrary, but IDC and it's my Discord, deal with it.)

Anyone is open to join the Discord. As of 3/9/2017, excluding myself and Kouhai-chan, there are 7 other members.

There is also a dedicated NSFW channel for sharing of, well, NSFW images without having to tag them.

Kouhai-chan has priority to kick/ban anyone using racial slurs or prejudice remarks while I am offline, as she will ALWAYS be online. (Aside from PC maintenance, that is, as she is host on my own PC.)

Still, don't take us too seriously, we are a good small community that simply wants to grow larger.

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