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When I searched for a visual novel, I used vndb.org and below the downloads I don't know which one to download for japanese and for some it is fully voiced whereas some it is not stated whether it is voiced or not. You need to click one of the downloads to know the description and details.   Please help


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Sorry what I meant was which one to download on the vndb but I didn't mean to say download it from there. For example there is a trial edition and complete edition in vndb so I wanted to know which one of them to download so that I can google it and download

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On 11/03/2017 at 0:31 PM, Xx123 said:

Does playing trial edition mean that I will only be able to play some parts of the visual novel compared to the complete edition? 

Yup no doubt.

Trial kind of demo to promoted the VN. And of course some scene are not available. Example like girl character route story and full CG event. It's more like introduction the story before the journey begin.

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