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Frontwing will localize Subahibi this year


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Interesting news there, considering that usually Steam was the last choice for any place to sell eroge, yet Frontwing insist to enter Subahibi to Steam first instead of Nutaku like Chrono Clock (Although one of the CG at Steam was displayed controversial infamous yaoi rape, so maybe Steam was not as strict as I though). Let's see of how will KeroQ manage this later then.

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4 hours ago, SpeedBeatz said:

I'm looking into this currently, but I will say that our company Steam account is this one, so anything from any other account isn't something we've done ourselves.

Also, keep in mind that this was posted during Golden Week, when pretty much the entire country of Japan was not at work.

I see. Well, maybe it's a prank after all (It had KeroQ company logo though). Although for now I still wait and see though in regard of Subahibi entering Steam or not, and judging from the controversial sex scenes I assume it'll be not (Or at least KeroQ need to rewriting the plot that need H Scenes).

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On 2017/2/20 at 1:23 PM, Fred the Barber said:

To be honest, I might be looking forward to Island more than SubaHibi.

SubaHibi is one of those VNs that's been hyped too much. I've taken enough philosophy classes to know that "philosophical" means different things to most people than it does to me, and I mostly find the thing other people usually mean when they call something "philosophical" to be annoying, so given how often that label is affixed to SubaHibi, I'm leery of it. I'll play it, and I honestly expect I'll enjoy it, but I'm trying to intentionally tank my hopes for it so I can be pleasantly surprised.

It is indeed fairly philosophical, I suspect it is influenced by Wittgenstein's Tractatus Logico-Philosophicus, but underneath I feel it is kind of narcissism of writer SCA. Anyway, I think be philosophical is what SCA likes.

I personally think you could have a reasonably high expectation if translation is not too bad.

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1 hour ago, ArgentstR said:

That's not exactly uncommon though? And it probably makes sense marketing wise, to a person unfamiliar with Japanese a title like that might be too much, and they will just ignore it; weakening the "impression".

what if i want to search the lyrics of "Wonderful Everyday" OP & ED in google will i get something provided that frontwing doesnt translate the songs used in the game?

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I forgot people who are confused by Japanese names are the target audience for VNs in the West :badnicoman:
They should also localize the character names. Yuki could be Alice :Kappa:


Thing is, there are also lots of Japanese games with an English title.

So my first thought when hearing a title like Wonderful Everyday would be that it's an Japanese original title.

Which is also why it was only last year I realized IMHHW was actually Konosora :chaika:
(it sounds bulky enough to be something a Japanese person thought of)


I don't intend to start a discussion about the superiority of the sacred Japanese language or some weeaboo shit like that.

However, while translating 素晴らしき日々as Wonderful Everday might be acceptable, leaving out the second part in the official title is something I can't approve of.

At least not for such a short title. I dont even think their KS mentions what 不連続存在 means in English.


(I might accept leaving out something with a longer title such as 愛する妻、真理子が隣室で抱かれるまで ~あなたが知らない事、彼がたくさん教えてくれました~
 ...thankfully they were able to correcly paraphrase it as Please Bang my Wife)



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Yeah, i had noticed that as well.

But I wouldnt call something that only appears in a logo the official title.

They always refer to the game only as Wonderful Everyday.


 Wonderful Everyday is the English localization of developer KeroQ’s title “Subarashiki Hibi ~Furenzoku Sonzai~”

Something only appearing in a logo I would put under "other names".

When you look at the official JP hp or stores like dmm the name is always given as 素晴らしき日々 〜不連続存在〜.


Also why is it in German. I dont remember any shots with that German translation in the JP version.

Japanese often use German because it's cool. But I don't see why the English would do that...




Also don't know if someone already mentioned this from the page about the 18+ patch.


The 18+ content patch restores the Steam version of the game to the full title, including all chapters of the game, with all content intact.*

*Due to legal concerns, one scene featuring an act of bestiality has been removed from this release of the game. The cut content is a very short section of a longer scene, and we feel that its removal does not take away from the impact of the scene in question or compromise the creative integrity of the work.

Everything "intact", except for one scene... :Kappa:

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On 7/15/2017 at 5:48 PM, Ningen said:

Also why is it in German. I dont remember any shots with that German translation in the JP version.

Japanese often use German because it's cool. But I don't see why the English would do that...

I'm not gonna say this is the right choice, but I imagine their logic was that "Discontinuous Existence" doesn't have the philosophical ring to it that they wanted to English speakers (whereas it might to the Japanese?), so they translated it to German to give it a more philosophical feel. Specifically, "Dasien" is an actual philosophical term used in English philosophical texts, with "diskontinuierliches" sometimes popping up in relation to "Dasein." Now, I have no idea if the philosophical concepts these terms represent have anything to do with Subahibi, but I do know the game delves pretty heavy into philosophy.

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