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Problem with Japanese furigana (MeCab) in VNR


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I installed VNR on my new computer and got it working mostly how i wanted it to, except for one big thing;

When i try to enable the Japanese furigana, it makes the Japanese text disappear from the text box. (The English machine translations are still there.) Anyone have a clue what the problem might be? (I remembered to install mecab, and it says its installed now)

It worked on my old PC, and i think i did the setup the same way on this one. Kind of a bummer if i cant fix it, since i was relying on this part a lot. 

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Mine happend the same thing, no clue what went wrong but I managed to get it back working by following https://sakimichi.wordpress.com/2014/03/21/vnreader-advance-guidetutorial-part-1/ Sakimichi instructions on the comments


They where:


 Delete the files Unidic in your Visual novel reader folder. It’s in:
then download :
Extract all files in

Restart VNR and you’re good to go~

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