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Root Letter

FieOSJF.jpg (735×518)
Root Letter


"If fate allows it, I wish to one day be able to meet you, Max."

Takayuki, 32, is casually cleaning his room when he discovers an ominous letter. The sender? His pen pal Aya Fumino whom he exchanged letters with during his high school days 15 years ago. Filled to the brim with nostalgia and curious as to why Aya would have written such a letter and how it mysteriously appeared, he makes his way to Matsue, Shimane Prefecture, in search of his long lost companion.

Ending Guideline / Suggested Route Order

There are 5 endings: Crossing Paths, Cursed Letter, Princess of Himegamori Forest, A Government Plot, and The Bond of Marriage.

  • A Government Plot and The Bond of Marriage are unlocked upon getting your first ending.

I would recommend going Crossing Paths -> Cursed Letter -> Princess of Himegamori Forest -> A Government Plot -> The Bond of Marriage.

Route Guideline

  • All of the routes / ends are based on your P.S. replies to Aya's letters at the beginning of each Chapter.
  • Upon getting your first ending, you can use your Smartphone's SKIP function to jump to the beginning of the next Chapter.
    • Sadly, you cannot skip Chapter 8 and have to play through it when trying to get into routes.


ecjiNSr.png (70×71)

Crossing Paths

  • Go play / Do you like sports?
  • Participate in a school function / What kinds of events are popular in Shimane?
  • My ideal adult is someone who dreams / What kind of adult do you want to become?
  • Friendship between men and women is wonderful / Do you think men and women can be friends?
  • Kindess / Tell me about your personality
  • People who are fun / What kind of people do you like?
  • There is someone on my mind / Aya, is there someone you like?


jXn9y1L.png (73×72)
Cursed Letter

  • Reading / Do you like to read?
  • I'd like to explore old ruins / Are there any spooky stories about Shimane?
  • I don't want to become an adult / Do you want to become an adult soon?
  • Girls seem self-centered / What do you think of your own personality?
  • Nature / Do you believe in ghosts?
  • Long, black hair is beautiful / Do you like black hair?
  • Right now I enjoy doing stuff with my friends / Where do you hang out with your friends?


CK6lbhS.png (71×72)
Princess of Himegamori Forest

  • Walking around the shrine / Do you like folklore?
  • I think I'll research history / Were there any famous warriors from Shimane?
  • I don't want to have ideals / What do you think of selfish adults?
  • I like girls / What do you think of men from history?
  • Ancestors / What kinds of times do you enjoy?
  • Mysterious and beautiful people / Are you interested in studying folklore?
  • Right now I'm concentrating on studying / How do you study history?


cKW9vzN.png (73×72)
A Government Plot

  • Go for a walk / Do you believe in aliens?
  • I'd like to see a meteor shower / Is there a good view of the stars in Shimane?
  • My ideal adult is rich / Do you like rich people?
  • I don't care about gender or nationality / Do you like aliens?
  • Money / Are you interested in making money?
  • Girls with nice figures / Please tell me your measurements?
  • I can't focus by myself / Where do people go on dates in Matsue?


E2l03WS.png (71×72)
The Bond of Marriage

  • Go on a day trip / Do you like traveling?
  • Like to take on different challenges / Is there some challenge you'd like to take on?
  • My ideal adult is my dad / Aya, what's your ideal adult?
  • Men and women can be friends / Is there someone you've let into your heart?
  • Encounters / Have you had any special encounters?
  • People with complimentry personalities / Do you believe in destiny?
  • I have feelings for you, Aya / I want to know more about you, I guess

Gallery Unlocks

Upon achieving your first playthrough, you'll unlock the Gallery on the main menu, however you will still need to do things to unlock each section.

Ironically, there's no actual Gallery / CG compilation.

1. "When you achieve the traveler's goal in each location..." - Unlock Script (can view the entire game's scripts)


This event unlocks after seeing any of the endings. On your next playthrough you will meet a traveler at the Vacant Lot who is going around Matsue. The events only trigger if nothing else is getting in the way (such as a main story event). If that happens just visit the place a second time. A good time to do this will be anytime during Chapter 8, when you have most of the map locations available.

  1. Vacant Lot
  2. Shimane Art Museum - Inside
  3. Matsue Oba Highschool
  4. Matsue Central Library - Inside
  5. Matsue Station
  6. Nakamura Bar
  7. Usagi Theater Company
  8. TSK San-in Chuo TV - Reception Desk
  9. Shiroyama Park - Castle Tower

...Script section in Gallery unlocked!

2. "If you can make the secret cocktail of Matsue..." - Unlock Guidebook


This event unlocks after seeing any of the endings. On your next playthrough visit the Nakamura Bar sometime during Chapter 8.  The events only trigger if nothing else is getting in the way (such as a main story event). If that happens just visit the place a second time.

  1. Nakamura Bar (Inside)
  2. Mone Dango Shop (Inside) - Pick Strawberry Red Bean Cake 
  3. Marukoshi (Inside) - Pick Ramune Soda
  4. Kamiari-an (Inside) - Pick Mint Leaves
  5. Matsue Inn  - Pick Tangerine
  6. Matsue History Museum (Kiharu Tea Room) - Pick Blueberry
  7. Nakamura Bar (Inside)

...Guidebook section in Gallery unlocked!

3. "If you can track down Shimane's vanished mascot..." - Unlock Music


This event unlocks after seeing any of the endings. On your next playthrough you will meet a man at Kamiari-an who is searching for SHIMANEKKO. The events only trigger if nothing else is getting in the way (such as a main story event). If that happens just visit the place a second time. Again, during Chapter 8 is a good time to do this.

*Everytime you find SHIMANEKKO, you will need to go back and report to Matsuda at Shimane Art Museum - Inside before moving onto the next location.

  1. Kamiari-an - Check the menu outside
  2. Vacant Lot - Check the leftmost house / third house from the right
  3. Matsue Station - Check the road
  4. Kyomise Shopping Area - Check the red postbox 
  5. Shiroyama Park (Tourist Information Center) - Check the vending machine
  6. Matsue Oba High School (Field) - Check anywhere on the field
  7. Shiroyama Park (National Treasure: Matsue Castle) - Check the pathway between the bushes
  8. Usagi Theater Company (Inside) - Check the rightmost window
  9. KARAKORO Studio - Check the wooden desk/chairs
  10. Shiroyama Park (North Soumon Bridge) - Check the bridge

...Music section in Gallery unlocked!

4. "If you clear all of the routes..."  - Unlock Mystery Actress (Voice Actor Commentary)


Clear all of the routes you baka!

...Mystery Actress unlocked!



This walkthrough is based on info attained on http://www.playstationtrophies.org/forum/root-letter/298564-quick-trophy-guide.html with some adjustments made by me.

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