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Non-Human Girls? XERO's Next Visual Novel Questionnaire!

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Thanks for making this post! ^_*

The best way for us to collect your feedback and thoughts for XERO is the questionnaire. If you've already completed it, thank you very much for taking the time to do so!!! 

We've gotten some pretty interesting answers so far -- some of which are thought-provoking (the unexpected answers) and some that are pretty funny. Looking forward to sharing some of these in a future Kickstarter update (via Libra).

Thanks again ^___^

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11 hours ago, Okarin said:

Gimme Cerea or gimme death.

Are you forgetting Suu?  And Mero?  And - you know what, just buy the license to Monster Musume.

As for the survey, I figured I'll just dump mine here:

1. What kind of non-human girls do you want to see in XERO's next Visual Novel?

  • The less commonly-used ones are best.  Look at Monster Musume; do more exotic ones like that.  (Both in terms of species and how they act.)

2. What kind of non-human girls do you think are the MOST POPULAR?

  • Catgirls.  Exhibit A: Nekopara.

3. What is your LEAST FAVORITE kind of non-human girl?

  • Ones that look or act too much like normal humans wearing a funny costume.  Especially those whose entire character is cribbed from the cliche lists.
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