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Hello everyone..

My name is Mark Law from Brunei.

Sorry if my English is bad since languages is not my strong point :)

I have read about 30 visual novels (well I probably didn't get to finish some) thanks to my extremely long holidays of 8 months last year.

Now that I can finally secure a good internet connection around my area so I thought of creating a new account here.

I hope we all have a wonderful memories here in Fuwanovel.

By the way, me and my friends are working on a visual novel, and the script is currently 30+ pages and it still just in an introduction phase he said, so I hope we can get more people working on it too in the future.

See you around! :D

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Welcome to Fuwanovel there. Your English quite fine though at least in my opinion. Good luck on your VN then and perhaps you could tell us about it later in Original VN section. Hope you had fun here, and you could ask us in regard of VN Recommendations later.

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