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I'm scared...

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3 hours ago, sanahtlig said:

I'm surprised this went anywhere.  It's your word against 4 others.  If there weren't any witnesses, all they had to do was not talk and nothing could be done.

In any case, court requires evidence.  Do you have any?  People like this are dangerous.  If they're not locked away for a while, they might try to come after you again.  Unfortunately, minors tend to get away with violent offenses that don't result in serious harm, especially against their peers.  The school can only do so much, even if they're on your side.

A month or so in jail, imprisoned amongst strangers, would probably be enough for them to seriously regret assaulting someone--at least, if they're not already hardened criminals.

I do have a witness. And even if I didn't, I didn't do anything that passed the law. They did.

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I remember the days when we would swat people for threats they made, anyhoo, don't worry if they try to touch you (I probably showed up to late) either A. Fight back

(I do not condone violence but you gotta do what you gotta do) B. Run or C. Call the cops. Or D. Make this face



And run ;-;

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